Iron Maiden 1981-04-29 Bremen DVD PRO

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IRON MAIDEN — Tempo Associate, Bremen, '81 (German TV)

This is the celebrated arrival of Iron Maiden on Tempo Associate, a German weekly TV stage in the «70»s/early «80»s that also
featured bands like Saxon, Dokken, April Wine and....ABBA.

The strip plays current for half an hour in face of a studio audience and seems a bit on edge. They establish quite a few mistakes throughout
the set («Sanctuary»!). Nonetheless, it's a passionate, full of beans stage from Maiden in what I consider their best period.

The video is a PAL recording, taken from what I surmise is a 2nd beginning video cassette. Representation prominence is mellifluous skilled,
although there is some face bleeding. I think I'd furnish the representation a VG to VG+ rating. Audio quality
is passionate, but in mono. Furthermore, the Maiden concert was aired on Beatclub in two parts, on 2 different dates. For some goal,
they pronounced to stage «Santuary» on both dates... Rather than muddler the videotape to revise one «Sactuary» out I pronounced to leave
both shows uncut.

The video cassette was transferred to DVD using a defy alone DVD recorder. There's no creativeness menu
and just self-governing tracks every 5 minutes. But at least the audio is in sync!
Please believe disenthrall to re-originator the DVD, though. I just don't have the chance or the knowledge.

All in all, this is a tremendously recommended production of Maiden story, and one of the few
proshots of Maiden w. Paul DiAnno.

I can«t upload hots, but I»m sure you'll like this.

Take Advantage Of!

video cassette (2nd gen.?) -> DVD -> DVD Smartripper


1. Prowler
2. Sanctuary
3. Chimera of the Opera
4. Iron Maiden
5. Wrathchild
6. Immaculate Exile
7. Sanctuary
8. Another Life

Round Off name : F:Iron Maiden 1981-04-29 Bremen DVD PROVIDEO_TSVTS_01_1.VOB
Set-Up : MPEG-PS
Interfile gauge : 1 024 MiB
Duration : 14mn 59s
Overall bit evaluation in any case : 9 545 Kbps

ID : 224 (0xE0)
Set-Up : MPEG Video
Set-Up style : Style 2
Set-Up value : Main@Main
Set-Up settings, BVOP : Yes
Set-Up settings, Matrix : Custom
Set-Up settings, GOP : M=3, N=12
Duration : 14mn 59s
Bit evaluation in any case : 8 971 Kbps
Paramount bit evaluation in any case : 9 000 Kbps
Diameter : 720 pixels
High Point : 576 pixels
Unfold mien proportion : 4:3
Contrive evaluation in any case : 25.000 fps
Ideal : PAL
Color place : YUV
Chroma subsampling : 4:2:0
Bit bowels of the earth : 8 bits
Read Over species : Interlaced
Read Over set-up : Top Land First
Compression technique : Lossy
Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.865
March gauge : 962 MiB (94%)

ID : 192 (0xC0)
Set-Up : MPEG Audio
Set-Up style : Style 1
Set-Up value : Layer 2
Duration : 14mn 59s
Bit evaluation in any case technique : Constant
Bit evaluation in any case : 384 Kbps
Furrow(s) : 2 channels
Sampling evaluation in any case : 48.0 KHz
Compression technique : Lossy
Hinder proportional to video : — 80ms
March gauge : 41.2 MiB (4%)

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