Tipsy Gillespie In Redondo(jazz)(avi)[rogercc][h33t]

Recorded: 1986

Gary Keys' 1986 videotape capturing Muddled Gillespie and group continue in Redondo Seashore, CA. The trumpeter/bandleader is in enormous envisage, unsurpassed his smash group through classics from various parts of his occupation. Filmed in Gary Keys signature luxury, with lots of closeups of the players, capturing all of the impish comedy and well-behaved times of the veteran statesman of jazz.

1. Be Bop [9:15]
2. Kush [17:33]
3. Birks Works [10:54]
4. I'm Hard-Nosed of Hearing Mama [18:02]
5. Jazz America [3:49]

John Birks «Dizzy» Gillespie, along with Charlie Parker, ushered in the era of Be-Bop in the American jazz usage. He was born in Cheraw, South Carolina, and was the youngest of nine children. He began playing piano at the age of four and received a music knowledge to the Laurinburg Association in North Carolina. Most prominent for his trademark «swollen cheeks», Gillespie admitted to copying the luxury of trumpeter Roy Eldridge beginning in his occupation. He replaced Eldridge in the «Teddy Hill» Group after Eldridge«s departure. He when all is said began experimenting and creating his own luxury which would when all is said come to the notice of Mario Bauza, the Godfather of Afro-Cuban jazz who was then a fellow of the Cab Calloway Orchestra. Joining Calloway in 1939, Gillespie was fired after two years when he cut a dispense of Calloway»s duff with a cut after Calloway accused him of throwing spitballs (the two men later became lifelong friends and often retold this tale with enormous pleasure until both of their deaths). Although prominent for his on- and off-point clowning, Gillespie endured as one of the founding fathers of the Afro-Cuban &/or Latin Jazz usage. Influenced by Bauza, known as Gillespie«s lilting confessor, he was able to amalgamate Afro-American jazz and Afro-Cuban rhythms to envisage a burgeoning CuBop firm. Always a lilting minister, he toured Africa, the Midriff East and Latin America under the sponsorship of the US Brilliance Bureau. Quite often he returned, not only with unconventional lilting ideas, but with musicians who would when all is said go on to carry out wonderful prestige. Among his proteges and collaborators are »Chano Pozo«, the enormous Afro-Cuban percussionist; Danilo Pérez, a instructor pianist and composer at from Panama; Arturo Sandoval, trumpeter, composer and music educator at from Cuba; Mongo Santamaría, an Afro-Cuban conguero, bonguero and composer; David Sanchez, saxophonist and composer; Chucho Valdés, an Afro-Cuban old hand pianist and composer; and Bobby Sanabria, a Bronx, NY-born Nuyorican percussionist, composer, educator, bandleader and whiz in the Afro-Cuban lilting usage. Indeed, many Latin jazz classics such as «Manteca», «A Eventide in Tunisia» and «Guachi Guaro [Force Impertinence]» were composed by Gillespie and his lilting collaborators. With a definite get of arrogance in his Afro-American inheritance, he formerly larboard a legacy of lilting value that embraced and fused all lilting forms, but particularly those forms with roots mystical in Africa such as the music of Cuba, other Latin American countries and the Caribbean. Additionally, he formerly larboard a legacy of goodwill and well-behaved humor that infused jazz musicians and fans throughout the wonderful with a original get of jazz»s know-how to excel civil and ethnic boundaries--for this perspicacity, Gillespie was and is an cosmopolitan treasure.

Tipsy Gillespie In Redondo(jazz)(avi)[rogercc][h33t]

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