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This is a petty and damned formidable program. I am very impressed with this and it is definitely advantage your beat. Prestidigitation Curl Up Ray(tm) reduced this by about 60%. Thanks to biztguy for the heads up. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED

What people are saying…

«A admirable and well developed technique — the most awe-inspiring I've ever seen!» ΓÇô Robert Whittington, Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist
Darren Altman

«I tenderness how you can speed and paramount with this bull, so you soldier on all their essence parts to anything and everything as you springboard. First-Rate bull — cheers James!!» ΓÇô Darren Altman, Hypnotist (London, UK)
Alistair Donnell

«It's brilliance on so many levels for me.» ΓÇô Alistair Donnell, NLP Practitioner
Alan Whitton

«Brilliant and seditious! Hypnosis Without Rapture has utterly changed the way I look at things...» ΓÇô Alan Whitton, Hypnotherapist, NLP Instructor & framer of Fighter's Mind

«...as fair as Igor or any one else I've seen — maybe better!» ΓÇô Steven Girard, Hypnotist (London, UK)
HWT ΓÇô Hypnosis for the 21st Century!

Hypnosis Without Rapture is a new and up to date technique to hypnosis that dispenses with the folk tale and nebulousness of ΓÇÿold-schoolΓÇÖ rapture rituals in incline to of exonerate definiteness-based processes that allow for the elicitation of hypnotic phenomena without the need for ΓÇÿaltered-statesΓÇÖ.

If you are a hypnotist or grind of hypnosis who wants to consistantly get exonerate and working hypnotic phenomena without having to upon to fortune or take any leaps of faith…

…you really need to know about Hypnosis Without Rapture!
Hi, my name is James Tripp…

…and like 99% of other hypnotists (salutary and otherwise) I used to believe in an out-dated paragon of hypnosis that hindered my efficacy as a hypnotist.

What I believed was that hypnosis was all about inducing a extra courteous of altered majestic in people that would present them somehow more responsive to soup. So, like every other hypnotist I had well-trained to discharge ΓÇÿtrance inductionsΓÇÖ and be careful of for ΓÇÿsigns of tranceΓÇÖ and when the area was ΓÇÿthereΓÇÖ (or ΓÇÿunderΓÇÖ) to set free my hypnotic suggestions.

And this is how I approached hypnosis for my first a handful of of years as a hypnotist with varying levels of outcome. But…

…there were always certain things that never seemed to sit quite right with this technique for me.

Firstly there were the many experiences where people were showing all the excellent signs of rapture, yet not responding to the delivered suggestions. Then there was the dubiousness of why people should go into this extra majestic just because you told them to ΓÇÿrelaxΓÇÖ/«go deeperΓÇÖ/»let goΓÇÖ etc. And in fine, when I started experimenting in ΓÇÿstreet hypnosisΓÇÖ and about contexts, the dubiousness of why people would so often counter wonderfully to delivered suggestionsΓǪ

…without any rapture induction and without displaying any signs of rapture whatsoever.

With what I well-trained I at the end of the day came to realise that the phenomena of hypnosis have nothing whatsoever to do with this extra majestic called ΓÇÿtranceΓÇÖ! Let me encore that with a little more moment:

Hypnosis has got nothing whatsoever to do with ΓÇÿtranceΓÇÖ!

(It is actually way cooler than that ΓÇô a formidable convert that utilises circadian benevolent cognitive mechanisms in generating for the area a new percieved aristotelianism entelechy! No rapture, no ΓÇÿsleepΓÇÖ no ΓÇÿgoing underΓÇÖ anything.)

And what is more…

…the old rapture paragon of hypnosis actually turned out to be a limitation to doing hypnosis well.

So, driven by misfortune (because I wanted to be the best hypnotist I could be), I set about rethinking my unmixed technique to hypnosis. I wanted to manifest something that allowed me to do hypnosis with definiteness, would discharge anything from the convert that was dispensable and would…

…maximise the jeopardize of optimal outcome and clearly any jeopardize of failure.

And so, through inspection and experimentation, this is exactly what I did!

I have to say, the object behind this was never to guide it to others, but more and more people (especially on the U.K. ΓÇÿstreet hypnosisΓÇÖ mise en scene) began fetching an investment and encouraging me to publicly pay out my ideas. So in October 2009 I wrote my despatch Hypnosis Beyond the Rapture Folk Tale (important up on this page-boy if you want to a photocopy), and launched a blog (again, important up for access) to pay out my ideas.

And I really had no intimation how lucrative (and litigious) it would be.


As I have mentioned, if you important up on this page-boy you get the despatch and access to the blog which is verbatim up to there with video demonstrations and unencumbered tutorials ΓÇô you can learn loads from this blog and many already have.

What I am aiming to do is responsive your eyes to a new way of meditative about, and a new way of doing hypnosis that will set you unencumbered from the uncertainty of the ΓÇÿold schoolΓÇÖ technique (put them into a curious ΓÇÿtranceΓÇÖ majestic, entrust a abandon them suggestions and craving for the best), and instead put you strongly in the driving of of the hypnotic convert.

The Hypnosis Without Rapture technique has been created to be as impressive an technique to hypnosis as can be ΓÇô incorporating definiteness skills, acuity and compliance with no-sink mechanisms to secure that you abide in switch throughout the unmixed hypnotic convert.

And not only is it strict and formidable, but also strongly civil and empowering ΓÇô making it chimerical for both hypnotherapeutic and responsive about applications.

If you are responsive-minded and interested in becoming your best as a hypnotist, I invite you to important up on this page-boy and get your photocopy ofHypnosis Beyond the Rapture Folk Tale. Additionally you will arrive at access to all the unencumbered video demonstrations and tutorials on the HWT blog. You can important up in the boxes just below the video on this page-boy.

I do craving that you will get as much from Hypnosis Without Rapture as so many already have in the hastily beat I have been sharing it. And if you know anyone else who may profit from this strongly regarded non-spiritual, please do let them know!

All the very best,

James Tripp
Hypnotist and Neurolinguist

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