Veiled Secrets - Divide 81 - UFOS Dont Be Deceived

Best Documentary of UFOs in our Solar Organized Whole:
Weird Roomer Billy Crone presents the NWO's eminent knavery and the UFO agenda. Learn what researchers, both civil and biblical, have evidenced along with their interpretations. What, how and why is this happening? This is a must for all to see.

UFOs ABOVE TOP ON THE SLY HD — Covertly, Tesla, Dynamism, Antigravity & Interstellar Touring:
In a UFOTV weird, this motion picture explores the information of our brand-new technological age, advances in art, the suspect of UFOs, and how our overjoyed governments have controlled the plethora of tidings to the general regarding the genuineness about UFOs. Nikola Tesla, Without Dynamism and Antigravity are also investigated. Includes a fanciful solicitation of interviews from top scientists and researchers from around the overjoyed and awesome photos and video of UFOs in cloud.

LA Marzulli The Unexplainable and the Non-Native Fact:
Once you nightspot headfirst into the UFO miracle, you come to discern you are dealing with a very ignorance put the squeeze on someone, root alien to ET or gracious aliens. Gary Stearman and L.A. Marzulli talk over this miracle and other unexplainable elements that the church ignores.

UFOs and Non-Native Structures on Mars:
Mars has forever been a creator of inscrutableness and romance for sensitive cultures throughout the millenia. What if an primeval non-native enlightenment existed on the red planet eons before our brotherhood evolved? Are there cultural connections between our enlightenment and theirs?

Footage includes a comparability between an primeval Mould synagogue and its martian comparision, numerous UFO sightings on Mars from the NASA Nosiness tramp cameras, a cylindrical Mars orbital UFO, as well as the capacity that humans may have already visited Mars.

Mars is our compatriot planet. Its olden times, offer, and approaching, will incontrovertibly be intertwined with ours. How has that approaching played out to date? What tidings has been overlooked? What dirty work has been buried? If there is ever to be a sensitive trouble into leeway it will on with Mars — but what if that trouble is primeval history? Or, perhaps more interestingly, what if that trouble is currently underway?

Tom Horn Interviews Dr. Michael Lake On The Shinar Directive:
In the primeval plains of Shinar, an dreadful was born: the first overjoyed royal, the epitome transhuman, the last dictator, the Son of Perdition—Nimrod. In Babylon, the Son of Downfall devised the Shinar Directive: the enslaving of mankind and the war against the God of Valhalla. God’s intervention at the Steeple of Babel only delayed Nimrod’s hellish plans. As the powers of Inscrutableness Babylon collect to dream up the new Steeple of Babel and to adapt for the Son of Perdition’s turn in, Valhalla is issuing a clarion upbraid to the Remains: Know the strategies of the the other side, untangle yourself from them, and become the successful Church!

7-9-2014 Trans-humanism, unnatural brightness, bionic wonderful humans:
Learn how these topics our intimidating our overjoyed today. No longer are they solely organize in art fiction writings, Not at all. Instead, they are promptly entering our actuality with a general and -changing agenda. Please enlighten yourselves as this will become widespread in our near approaching.

Hearing Vioces — SkyWatchTV Art — 1-26-15:
SkyWatch TV Art Journalist Sharon K. Gilbert looks at a new description about people who perceive voices, a possible biological detection in the stratosphere, and how immersive augmented actuality might tally into end times prophecy.

Starving Wolves, Witchcraft and Rescuing The Scattered Sheep:
A alarming yet guard-break delivery of attend regularly encounters (right in face of our eyes)

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