Riccardo Fogli - Music Videos (Greatest Hits) - DVD

Riccardo Fogli — Music Videos (Greatest Hits) — DVD
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Format: DVD5, DVD Video, MPEG2, AC3
Bother: Wonderful Live
Style: Pop
Duration: 00:53:48
Year: 1971 — 2005

Video: 720x576 (PAL 16: 9), 25 fps, MPEG — 2, ~ 7251 kbps avg, 0.699 bit / pixel
Audio: 48.0 kHz, Audio Coding 3, 2 ch, 192 kbps

Extras. Info: Ricardo Foli — a popularized Italian chorus-boy, the conqueror of the line event of the feast in San Remo. 1980 can be called the best in the pursuit of the chorus-boy. During this while his songs became more erudite and prudent load, tense, intense the touch. Vent To Riccardo loved a lot of people in Italy and abroad.

In 1981 he published the illustrious bother Malinconia («Sadness«), performed at the feast of go down music in Venice, 1981 (effectuation Foli was included in the program »Melodies and rhythms of unrelated music,« becoming the first publication of the chorus-boy on Soviet tube, inception in approval Foli in THE USSR). In 1982 at the feast Foli received the marvy premium for the bother »Golden Gondola« (while performing the bother »Campaign"). The bother reached the second vicinity in the Italian hit flaunt, held out a 17 consecutive weeks, and at the end of the year was the 12th. Album «Campione», including this one, as well as 7 more new songs, also falls into the hits of Italy, reaching up to 17 seats.

01. Storie Di Tutti I Giorni
02. Malinconia
03. Compagnia
04. Che Ne Sai
05. Brouhaha Da Un Amore
06. Ti Amo Pero
07. Per Lucia
08. Sulla Buona Strada
09. Malinconia
10. Non Mi Lasciare
11. Dio Come Vorrei
12. Amori Nascosti
13. Ci Saranno Giorni Migliori
14. Non Finisce Qui
15. Tanta Voglia Di Lei

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