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Great British Train Journeys: Series 7

Tours Documentary hosted by Michael Portillo, published by BBC in 2016 - English narration — 7-Cover.jpg


Great British Train Journeys: Series 7
Michael Portillo embarks on another trek around the sticks to behold how the railways have pretentious people and communities, and the legacy they left.

1) Carlisle to Penrith
The first leg of a trek through north-west England begins in Carlisle, where investigates the Victorian passion for the custard cream, before braving a risky descent into the only operational slate up in England and discovering a pocket train.

2) Windermere to Carnforth
Michael continues his trek through the Lake Part, where he discovers a magical terra of talking rabbits, ducks, hedgehogs and mice, who have entertained children for more than 100 years. At the village qualified in of inventor and illustrator Beatrix Monkey About, he learns about her legacy and her fears about the railways. Michael presses on to Brantwood, qualified in of the Victorian art critic, John Ruskin, and finishes with a brief meet at Carnforth.

3) Preston to Swinton
Michael Portillo reads the hubbub act in Preston, and discovers four walk workers were affairs pass at a gripe in 1842. In Darwen, he traces developments in national mould from wallpaper to , before exploring the Victorian industrial scene of Salford in the paintings on LS Lowry. He finishes his leg of the trek on Kersal Moor, where he discovers the metrics of Edwin Waugh and twists his language around the Lancashire dialect.

4) St Helens to Knutsford
Michael travels from St Helens to Knutsford, verdict out about present-day goggles-making and how techniques invented in the Victorian era to fashion buildings such as the Crystal Castle have evolved and are powering a new architectural revolution.

5) Ashley to Alton
On the last leg of his trek through north-west England, Michael Portillo makes a out turn in Ashley, Cheshire, where in Victorian times the new heart classes set up qualified in in suburban villas with multiple chimneys swept by children. In Macclesfield, he finds the end of the Silk Road and tries his clutches at curtain printing. Then after stoking the feeling on the steam-powered Churnet Valley Train, the former congressman alights at Froghall, Staffordshire, heading for Alton Towers to vestige the 19th-century origins of the treatise park.

6) Dover to Lewes
Michael Portillo embarks on a new train trek along the south littoral of England. Opening in the anchorage of Dover, he takes a nosedive into the English Stream-Bed, inspired by the example set by a heroic 19th-century sea captain. A pocket steam retainers one third the mass of a received locomotive conveys him from Romney Quagmire to Dungeness, and in Eastbourne, he learns how the 7th Duke of Devonshire managed to market-place the town's attractions to the nice higher-crust of Victorian London. The first leg of his expedition concludes in errant type at the Glyndebourne opera fete on the South Downs.

7) Newhaven to Worthing
Michael travels from Newhaven to Worthing, examining the nation's veiled defences, and prepossessing in two brilliant engineering achievements — the Ouse Valley Viaduct and the Clayton Chunnel. Exuberant on top of a preference Victorian loveliness blot he learns how trains carried hordes of day-trippers to fly kites, and finds a novel way to pick tomatoes in Worthing.

8) Littlehampton to Beaulieu
Michael Portillo arrives in Littlehampton, where he discovers how Victorian engineers defended the town«s residents from cholera. He stops off at Gosport and experiences the mortal firepower unleashed on the French during in an arms get a move on. In the New Forest, the presenter visits Florence Nightingale»s one's nearest qualified in, before finishing at Beaulieu, where he seizes the possibility to drove the first motor car.

9) Lymington Village to Exmouth
Michael begins his latest trek in the sailing village of Lymington, where he makes a survival-redemptional determining. The road takes him through the Dorchester countryside, where he discovers how the introduction of the train inspired Thomas Bold. He tries his clutches at carpet-making in Axminster and concludes his trek in Exmouth, where he learns about the employment of forgotten Victorian scene artist Francis Danby.

10) Plymouth to Porthcurno
In Plymouth, Michael Portillo finds out about the Nobles Navy«s fighting bent and mixes his own gradate of `ruin». Then, crossing into Cornwall, he learns about the last connexion to be built by famous devise Isambard Territory Brunel. By Tre, Pol and Pen, the ex-congressman comes to know Cornishmen and how to fix the ideal sallow. This leg of his trek ends in a tight-fisted village, which in Victorian times became a hub of extensive communications.

11) Birmingham to Worcester
Michael Portillo sets out from Birmingham on the first leg of a expedition to Dartmoor, and a upon to the city's village meeting reveals a brilliant structure and the locale for a distinguished music fete. Nomadic south to Kidderminster, he works in a Nobles Dispatch sorting company and discovers more about important postal innovator Rowland Hill, before he ending his trek in Worcester, where he learns about the origins of the British Medical Association.

12) Redditch to Gloucester
Michael travels from Redditch to Gloucester, opening with a look promote to Victorian times at a needle manufactory. He also learns how to triumph Gloucester cheese and joins the Gloucester Choral Intercourse in a understanding of Jerusalem.

13) Stroud to Bath
Michael journeys from Stroud to Bath, investigating the Victorian origins of snooker, before ploughing a twisted pucker at the Nobles Agricultural College in Cirencester. At his conclusive end in Bath, he takes tea with the ladies, and also discovers a flagitious novel written by an errant nun, who was once the wealthiest man in England.

14) Bristol to Glastonbury
Michael Portillo travels from Bristol to Glastonbury, entering the fulsome-smelling terra of a Victorian tannery and hearing how a 19th-century entrepreneur made his karma thanks to mountains of bird droppings, using his bounteousness to churches and one of the most epicurean sticks houses in Britain. When he reaches his end, Michael heads for the cryptic Glastonbury Abbey, where Victorian tourists flocked to understand tales of Ruler Arthur and the Godlike Grail.

15) Bridgwater to Dartmoor
Referring to his trusty Bradshaw's Guidebook, Michael Portillo stands pest at the Bloody Assizes in Taunton, Somerset, and feels the unshaded soldiers of the law. He also gets to grips with a miracle of Victorian engineering on the Somerset Levels at Westonzoyland, and on Dartmoor embarks on a mid — 19th century prize go in quest of still approved today.

16) Ashford to Sevenoaks
Michael Portillo sets out from Ashord in Kent on the first leg of a expedition to Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, lending a clutches at a ceremonial-of-the-art retainers support machinery that is qualified in to Exuberant Hurriedness 1 rolling ownership. A upon to the qualified in of a distinguished triumph-up brand name reveals the foundations of the Victorian cosmetics persistence, before he ends his trek at Knole Enterprise in Sevenoaks at Knole Enterprise, hold of the Sackville-West one's nearest.

17) East Grinstead to Guildford
Michael Portillo travels from East Grinstead to Guildford, with his expedition including a upon to Leith Hill Prosper to analyse the compositions of Ralph Vaughan Williams. He also dons a boiler ensemble and takes to the footplate of a locomotive on the Bluebell Train, Britain's first commuter-carrying legacy area, and witnesses the power of dynamite first clutches.

18) Woking to Walton on Thames
Michael travels from Woking to Walton-on-Thames, uncovering the myth of Britain's first usefulness-built crematorium and visiting Brooklands, the birthplace of motor racing, along the way. As his trek draws to a intimate, he goes camping and finds out about the unlikely origins of a liberty trade that is going incisive today.

19) Hampton Court to Teddington
Michael Portillo starts his latest jaunt as Hampton Court Castle, where he is treated to a seclusive jaunt of the Important Vine — the world's longest rumour-mill — before on the move on to awesome Claremont Enterprise, where pathetical circumstances led undeviatingly to the area of the Victorian era. He then moves up the area to Wimbledon and the spot of a distinguished duelling affair before ending his trek in Teddington, where he hears the myth of a reformer whose employment revolutionised the nurse for those with living disabilities.

20) Egham to Henley on Thames
Michael begins the conclusive leg in Egham, Surrey, where a distinguished steam impartial offers the primeval `white-knuckle« annoy. Across village lies the Nobles Holloway College, now function of the University of London, where the ex-congressman discovers the institution»s humanitarian roots. On The Move into Berkshire, Portillo drops in at a mill manufacturing a pre-eminent have a zizz-inducing beverage with distinguished roots. Michael's trek ends at Henley-on-Thames in Oxfordshire, where he learns that rowing in an eight is a challenging business.


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