Confessions of an Clandestine Cop - Documentary {irish444}.mp4

Confessions of an Clandestine Cop — Documentary {irish444}.mp4

Documentary — (47 Mins.)

Confessions of an Private Cop

With eliminating access to Discount B Increase Kennedy, Britain's most disputatious private the old bill fuzz, this gripping and revelatory documentary tells the through, fundamentally news of Discount B Increase Stone/Kennedy.

Directed by Bafta Reward-champ Brian Hill and narrated by Kennedy, the Piercing Sensitive steam also features interviews with the the old bill to reconstruct the news of how Discount B Increase Kennedy went from being a ordinary south London the old bill fuzz, with a mate and two children, to becoming Discount B Increase Stone.

This was Discount B Increase the environmental campaigner, soldier activist and private cop who on one's beam-ends into power stations, well-trained how to run for it bombs, infiltrated groups trial-set on attacking outstanding corporations and stood arm-in-arm with anti-capitalist anarchists.

He also had a relationship with a female activist for four years and was even beaten up by chap the old bill officers who were inobservant he was private. All the at all times he was feeding common sense wager to his handlers.Now, with his wrapper blown, he lives in solicitude for his . He is separated from his mate and one's own flesh. The char he hew down entirely in affection with as Discount B Increase Stone never wants to see him again.

For the first at all times, Kennedy is returning to kisser up to himself, his actions, and to the people who title he betrayed them.

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Confessions of an Clandestine Cop — Documentary {irish444}.mp4

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