Persist Aid "Oz For Africa" 1985 Australian Concert

Note: This gushing replaces the late «OZ For Africa» that got trashed when I had a intricate disk downfall. Apologies for the put out I have now backed up this one (which is matching to the innovative pit) and will keep it seeded.


«Oz for Africa» advantage concert from the Sydney Pageant Pivot July 12 1985 to stand the famous «Live Aid»

This writing programme by MTV America during the 12/13 July 1985 night

Note the concert has been edited to the best moments. Not a perpetual programme but almost four hours of footage anyway!

Commercials have been edited out of this DiVx rip

«Sidney» is MTV America's blunder. Of course we all know that it is spelt «Sydney»

Given it's age it is far from gifted and grainy — but watchable — and one of the very few copies in presence apart from the dab hand tapes which manifestly MTV Australia/Channel 9 do own and are in storage but because of the logistics of getting approbation from all bands and the expenditure convoluted I scruple we will see it released. Maybe this bootleg might help.... maybe not.

This rip is from NTSC VHS documentation. Captured and converted to DiVx contents for smaller files for downloading. Some cleanup applied but not very loaded. As mentioned it is still watchable and all we have of this significant concert at this object in term. If you have access to better than this then please pit it!

Dossier #1

*Mental as Anything
o Combustible It Up
o If You Transfer, Can I Come Too?
o You're So Putrid
o Stress Sway
o My Heart's On Fire
o No Say In It
*I'm Talking
o Prima Donna the Way
o Big On Love
o I Gather Motion
o Turbulent Tonight
o Out of Crazy, Out of Eyesight
o Man Overboard
o Warnings Exciting Clockwise
o «Believer»
*Electric Pandas
o Missing Me
o Let's Put Money On
o Figuratively No Evil
o Rain
o Are You Old Enough
*Men at Work
o Maria
o Overkill
o The Longest Tenebrosity
*Australian Crawl
o Gauge (Don't Be So)
o Two Can Play
o The Boys Bearable Up

Dossier #2

*Party Girls
o I Don't Want to be Like You (never alone again / unconfirmed inscription)
*Uncanny X-Men
o Everybody Wants to Calling (helper dropout)
o 50 Years
o Garden-Variety Ground
o Bother for Africa
o Scarp
*Little River Band
o Don't Find Fault With Me
o Circle
o Tenebrosity Owls
o Playing to win
*Mondo Rock
o Aloof Overjoyed
o the Moment
o Up To Date Bop
o Come Said the Boy
*The Angels (called «Angel City» in the USA)
o Tight Price
o Eat City
o Underground
o Take a Dream Of Goods
*Renée Geyer
o Put a Little Passion in Your Heart
o All My passion (All Tenebrosity Dream Of / unconfirmed tittle)
o Tell Iy Like It Is (unconfirmed tittle)
o Innovative Sin
o Lend An Ear To Like Theives
o Relinquish the Dirt
o Don't Change
o What You Need

**** For more missing «Live Aid» footage check b determine out this gushing on The Writing Bay too:

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