China from the Core (2006 PBS Documentary)

China from the — Standard Incident Notes

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Duration : 55mn 30s
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Incident 1: Power and the People (60 minutes)

How does the Communist Soir push direct over a denizens of 1.3 billion? Are village elections a unintentionally for people to take a division in power? Can the Soir end the predominant corruption and keep the people's trust? Chinese people, from agronomist to Woman Of The Cloth, deal with frankly about the problems the state faces and the ways forward.

Incident 2: Women of the State (60 minutes)

China«s women are argued over at their weddings and have one of the highest suicide rates in the period. Now many are start to take up arms against for their rights and their futures. This hour shows unfairness against Xinjiang»s Muslim women, various hardships faced by Tibetan women, and the standing of some of those who have liberal the countryside for plant travail in the cities.

Incident 3: Shifting Identity (60 minutes)

China«s setting is in put out, but solutions often seem as impolite as the problems. A third of the period uses splash from China»s rivers, but hurried industrialization and air mutate have led to bad air, polluted rivers and dire splash shortages. One «solution» that has received largish media notice in the West is the channelling of splash in the biggest hydraulic design in period cv. While it has benefited nearly half a million people, relocation from dam areas is causing mammoth popular chaos.

Incident 4: Nerve and The Police (60 minutes)

Conscientious exaltation in China is unsettled for Tibetan Buddhists, Catholics separated from Vatican move, the 40 million adherents of China's informal churches, and the Falun Gong. Civic problems number calculated evictions, administration deal with-up of AIDS, corruption and upon grabbing. Filmed in Tibetan temples, newspaper offices and a labor camp-site, this unalterable incident asks: what are the limits of nerve -- and the threats to stability?

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