Michael W Smith concert videos XviD AC3

Three Concert Videos Of Michael W Smith

These videos were at released ONLY on VHS, with a promotional Laser Disc released for his concert video of Alteration Your Fabulous. These have never been released to DVD, and I don't see it event soon either.

These Videos were captured from the INGENIOUS VHS tapes I purchased when they were released repudiate in 1985, 1987, and 1993, along with a Promotional Laser Disc I was offered . I took very solicitous concern of these tapes and Laser Disc! I tried to non-radioactive up the videos in TMPGEnc Xpress of as much chroma cadre, video sound and chroma over-saturation as I could. Whenever outstanding colored lights were shined on Michael and his affiliate, colors tended to cadre and «bleed» over the edges of people and objects on VHS tapes.

Because these were captured from Analogue informant (VHS Cassette) and turned into a Digital PC parade, the more I compressed the video, the more brick artifacts was introduced. In arcane areas of videos this is destined and mostly fixed the more you compress. If you torch these files to DVD with something like ConverrtXtoDVD program, they should look melodic decent.

Pretence scans of the VHS boxes and Laser Disc jacket are included if some of you want to try and tidy up your own DVD covers.

1. Michael W. Smith -In Concert (1985)

1. I'm Up

2. Itchy Heart

3. Nothing But The Blood

4. Could He Be The Messiah

5. End Of The Book

6. A Way (with Gary Chapman)

7. Wings Of The Wind

8. Psalm 139

9. Thy Word

10. Friends (with Amy Allow)

11. Discover To Be A Way (with Amy Allow)

12. I Know

13. Sonata In D Major

14. Emmanuel

15. Be Passionate And Courageous

16. You Need A Savior

17. The Stock Is On

Michael W. Smith -The Big Double Excursion (1987)

1. Lamu

2. You're Alright

3. Wired For Sound

4. Could He Be The Messiah

5. Emily

6. Friends

7. Rocketown

8. Old Enough To Know

9. Trade Of The Dream

10. Goin' Thru The Motions

11. Be Passionate And Courageous

12. Tearin' Down The Walls

13. You Need A Savior

Michael W. Smith -Alteration Your Fabulous Subsist (1993)

1. Double Perfect

2. Irritated Of Gold

3. I Wanna Tell The World

4. Color Blind

5. How Dream Of Will Be Too Long

6. Incomprehensible Ambition

7. Hand Out It Away

8. Go West Teenaged Man

9. I Will Be Here For You

10. Status In This World

11. Out Of This World

12. Honey One Another

13. Friends

All files:

Video — 2 GB XviD NTSC 640 x 480

Audio -AC3 448 kbs Stereo

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