Captain Jack - Iko Iko [2001][SkidVid Gold_XviD]

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CAPTAIN JACK — IKO IKO [2001][SkidVid Gold_XviD], single/video released May 28th 2001.

Disc rip, no logos, edited and encoded 1000x554 XviD
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«Iko Iko» is a much-covered New Orleans to-do that tells of a promenade smash-up between two «tribes» of Mardi Gras Indians. The lyrics are derived from Indian chants and predominating catchphrases. The to-do, under the fresh entitlement «Jock-A-Mo», was written in 1953 by James «Sugar Boy» Crawford in New Orleans, but has spread so largely that many people take it to be a much older ethnic group to-do. The to-do is closely identified as a Mardi Gras to-do, but it is equally known as a Top 40 hit. The gag tells of a «spy dog» or alert for one group of Indians encountering the «flag boy» or guidon typhoid mary for another group. He threatens to set the hang down on passion. The lyrics of the to-do are based on Louisiana Creole French. The saw Iko Iko may have been derived from one or more of the languages of Gambia, perhaps from the saw Ago!, spirit «listen!» or «attention!». The line of work from the chorus, Jock-a-mo feen-o and-dan-day echoes the fresh entitlement amidst Creole prating. The to-do was first popularised by The Dixie Cups in 1965 and Eurodance act Captain Jack re-popularized the in Germany in 2001, of which this is the video interpretation. It's just one of those tunes that everyone must have heard at sometime in their lives.

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