The R Approach Presents - The Revolt

The Past Means Presents: The Revolution

They came of age in a new community of thrilling and innovative ideas about anthropoid and polished rights,
multiform profitable systems, and self-authority. In a few curtail years, these men and women
would transfigure themselves into architects of the tomorrow through the structure of a new political entity
uncharacteristic any that had ever come before.

From the roots of the revolt and the signing of the Announcement of Autarchy to triumph
on the battlefield at Yorktown and the adoption of The Amalgamated States Constitution,
The Mutiny tells he outstanding excuse of this high-level era in past. Venturing beyond the
stuffy rota of generals and politicians, The Past Means introduces the unbowdlerized grade of
individuals who helped form this critical difference, including some of the war's most dominant
unidentified heroes.Through cinematic recreations, cherished biographical investigations, and
irritating polished, military, and profitable assay, The Mutiny breathes new existence into one
of the most urgent periods in American past.

Matter 01 - The Mutiny — Boston Bloody Boston.mp4
Matter 02 - The Mutiny — Revolt To Mutiny.mp4
Matter 03 - The Mutiny — Declaring Autarchy.mp4
Matter 04 - The Mutiny — American Crisis.mp4
Matter 05 - The Mutiny — Procedure To Community War.mp4
Matter 06 - The Mutiny — Forging An Army.mp4
Matter 07 - The Mutiny — Treason and Betrayal.mp4
Matter 08 - The Mutiny — The War Heads South.mp4
Matter 09 - The Mutiny — A Hornets Nest.mp4
Matter 10 - The Mutiny — The End Game.mp4
Matter 11 - The Mutiny — Becoming A Political Entity.mp4
Matter 12 - The Mutiny — Passage To The Presidency.mp4
Matter 13 - The Mutiny — A President and His Mutiny.mp4

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