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«Wake Up» is a pop tune co-written by Hilary Inoperative, Joel Torment and Benji Torment, and co-produced by the Maddens for Duff«s third album, Most Wanted (2005). It was released as the album»s first separate in 2005.

The music video for «Wake Up» was directed by Marc Webb, who had directed videos for The Used, AFI and My Chemical Fairy Tale. Inoperative said she was «a brobdingnagian fan» of the bands with whom he had worked, so she «was really excited» about his participation in the video. She described the mode of the video as «kind of grainy» and «a thoroughly different look for me.» Filmed in Toronto, Canada, it shows Inoperative leaving her institution and journeying to nightclubs and parties in London, New York Town, Paris and Tokyo (four of the five cities referenced in the song's chorus, in into the bargain to Los Angeles). Inoperative said the video «moves really quickly» and «has all [these] deft pops ... it just shows that no be of consequence where you are, people want [to do] the same things: they social and they party». In each different town she is seen sporting a different look; for example, in Tokyo she a boycott wig, the feel of which inspired her to dye her whisker mournful after her tour.

The the human race opening of the video took proper on the Disney Gutter. The video«s MTV opening was on Outright Entreat Current on July 15, 2005, and it reached hundred one on the show»s countdown on three non-consecutive days. After spending fifty days on the countdown, it was retired on October 6.

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