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Panda Feat with Nigel Marven

Feather, Travelling Documentary hosted by Nigel Marven, published by Exploration Guide in 2012 - English narration


Panda Feat with Nigel Marven
In «Panda Feat with Nigel Marven», the wildlife presenter heads to China to learn about superhuman pandas for his latest feat. He visits the comely reserves the pandas people, before heading into the foolhardy to carry out his object of being the first presenter to be filmed with a superhuman panda in its ethnic terrain. He is also astonished to note a brown panda cub, one of only five known to system. Along his galivant Nigel meets the other wonderful creatures that spirited in the bamboo forest, including impish macaques, blissful snub-nosed monkeys and puffy bamboo rats. He also feeds fetching red pandas, remote relatives of the superhuman panda.

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Nigel begins his galivant by gaining only access to the world«s biggest panda rearing heart in Chengdu, where he learns astonishing details about the creatures» bamboo feeding and spies an fetching posse of panda cubs. He also catches notice of a minute but comely red panda. Next, Nigel heads to the last panda fortification in the foolhardy — the enormous, immense sector of essential China.

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Nigel visits the sentiments of panda territory in the Foping Stock. With the help of accomplished trackers, he finds panda droppings and pawprints — but the animals themselves oddments fugitive. There are unparalleled encounters with a superhuman flying squirrel and a peculiar bamboo rat; then, after days of searching, Nigel ultimately spots wing in the solid bamboo. Is a superhuman panda tight-fisted by? Later, Nigel returns to the UK to admire persist up some unexpected Chinese connections.

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Nigel meets San Diego Zoo's newest panda cub, and learns how they have achieved their rearing triumph. Next, Nigel travels chasing to Sichuan Boonies to convene pandas rescued when their harshly was destroyed in the ravishing 2008 earthquake. Along the way, he encounters blissful takin — a variety of goat-antelope — before heading to Chengdu to grasp up with the panda cubs and convene the newest arrival.

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Nigel climbs the reverential mountain of Emei Shan and encounters impish macaque monkeys. After a unpleasant day of trekking, Nigel sets traps overnight to grasp minute mammals. He discovers in the morning that they have been sprung by a mole bitch and a niviventer. After more hard hiking, the team's efforts are ultimately rewarded with a spectacular glimpse of a panda in the foolhardy.

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Nigel is obstinate to pinpoint a foolhardy panda den. Elsewhere, Nigel catches up with Chengdu's panda cubs.


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