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Canada Plus Histrionic Que Nature

Junket Documentary hosted by Patrick Hivon, published by TV5Monde in 2014 - French narration.

Patrick Hivon introduces us to the Canadian wilderness. The disclosure of these jumbo expanses punctuated by naturalist guides that refine our experiences of their discernment of wildlife and flora. personalities also add dye a flag to the soothe with tales and legends told by the come across up with of a wood intensity. It sets out to smoke a mother country and men who have hand their attribute over in days of yore. On foot, by kayak, canoe river or mountain biking, the most fit means are taken to test the core of each field and to boozer up its overcome. The Canadian climb, a hike between upon and sea, rivers and forests, mountains and rivers, sometimes tongue-in-cheek, sometimes illuminating to us, allows us to mate Canada a little more.

1) Pacific Rim
The Pacific Rim Jingoistic Greens offers astonishing forest hiking and unobstructed views of the Pacific The Drink Flood. Patrick Hivon sets off to come across birds, whales and fans of the outdoors who he joins on surfing, cycling and hiking activities.

2) Jasper
Patrick Hivon visits Jasper Jingoistic Greens, to the east of the Difficult Mountains. After peripatetic across the Athabasca Glacier on stay a one-of-a-type bus, he learns more about the sustenance of the greens and the 52 mammal species that on stand-by it home.

3) Prince Albert
Saskatchewan and the Prince Albert Jingoistic Greens give indication of extravagant forests, an affecting amount of birdlife, lakes oblation a spread of activities such as canoeing, and two- and four-where bikes.

4) Pike Lake
Pike Lake Unsophisticated Greens is vast for families and almost certainly get-at-able. It offers a spread of activities for open-air enthusiasts, including geocaching and forest survival. It is also possible to body a tipi there and become a usher or archaeologist.

5) Kouchibouguac
Boasting a mix of ecosystems, the Kouchibouguac Jingoistic Greens gives Patrick the fate to look in on sand dunes, an eyot tern colony and a conjunction instant for seals, repeat mountain biking and try cockle fishing.

6) Prince Edward
At Prince Edward Eyot, Patrick has the fate to go lobster and oyster fishing and to soup smoked salmon. He also visits the dynasty that inspired the novel, «Anne of Unripened Gables» and learns to body sand castles.

7) Neck Breton
In Nova Scotia at the Neck Breton Highlands Jingoistic Greens, Patrick travels the well-known Cabot Be Drawn from Chéticamp to Ingonish to assent to the tune of the whales, graze bald eagles, fish salmon and become a sailboat captain.

8) Banff
Patrick Hivon explores Banff Jingoistic Greens on skis, in snowshoes, on foot and by canoe to uncover its jumbo allure. He also encounters a incalculable array of neighbourhood animals, including wapitis and grizzly bears.

9) Killarney
Patrick visits Killarney Unsophisticated Greens and meets enthusiasts who take him sailing, kayaking, quadbiking and fishing, have him put out fish and chips, and enlist in him on realistic hikes.

10) Mille Iles
Patrick visits the one-of-a-type Thousand Islands Jingoistic Greens. Whether it's on stay a kayak or a yachting trip send, or to fish or prod between islands, any cop-out is a flattering cop-out to take to the first-grade. Presented by Patrick Hivon.

11) Whistler
Located around 120 kilometres north of Vancouver in the coastal mountains, Whistler hosted the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010. Enlist In Patrick as he enjoys the Olympic sustain and sets off to enquire into the rainforest and come across its residents.

12) Mont-Riding
In Riding Mountain Jingoistic Greens, Patrick goes canoeing on a opaque lake, has a valid cowboy sustain, learns about beekeeping and tries his handwriting at lacrosse.

13) Birds Hill
Patrick visits Birds Hill Unsophisticated Greens in Winnipeg and the adjacent ground as he tries out ultralight flying, fishing and kitesurfing and embarks on a memorable ambit of Winnipeg's French-speaking community.


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