From The Within Out 2011 DVDRip m4v

‘Inside Out’ will be the first glaze in a new annual series that will present an reversed look at the influences and people that have shaped the Coastal Group as riders, builders and cinematographers. The glaze will be a above-board look into our spectre of freeride mountain biking and the way it has inspired us. Through the glaze you will be brought along on our adventures as we descend upon the locations that we've always wanted to trip and think up the lines that unambiguous our spectre of the display. This will be a glaze from the riders themselves to grant what proper freeride mountain biking is. Everyone has a day-dream, and we do what it takes to complete ours.Many films, riders and locations in the lifetime 10 years have inspired us. Fortunately it turns out that some of those locations are in our own backyards, and many of those riders are now our friends. In totalling to the Coastal Group — Curtis Robinson, Dylan Dunkerton, Kyle Norbraten — the glaze will advertise: Brandon Semenuk, Steve Smith, Thomas Vanderham, Matt Tracker, Graham Agassiz, Mike Hopkins and Kenny Smith.

The riders from ‘Inside Out’ are going to create you into the locations that ardour them up to trip! We will tour the heterogeneous, illegitimate landscape of British Columbia to take on new zones that hum of acute the right stuff and to revisit iconic locations from the lifetime. There are many lines that have been scouted over the lifetime few years but have remained untapped until the beforehand was right… and now that beforehand has come. We will be sure to counterpane all bases, including: the Sunshine Beach, Powell River, Whistler, Shuswap, Fernie, Rossland, Squamish, Vancouver Atoll and Kamloops.
‘Inside Out’ is set to be released Turn Out To Be Inadequate 2011 on DVD, BluRay and digital download. Keep up to woman with our travels and increase throughout the mellow by following us on Facebook, Cheep and PinkBike. Also alert for for iconic still images from the glaze by Nicolas Teichrob and Superb Lorence who will be on set with us for most shoots.

‘Inside Out’ is made possible by Mountain Biking BC, Jar Shox, Sombrio, Evoc, Chromag and SCOTT Sports. Additional stay for the glaze is provided by Contour and Devinci. The glaze will be produced by 2ndBase, a new collective glaze party formed by the Coastal Group and Anthill Films.

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