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Owner's Powered Paragliding #1 is the first in a series of four tuitional DVDs aimed at pilots of paramotor and paraglider wings

DVD #1 kicks the series off by focusing on that simple bugbear: tutor handling. With a model of colourful and good pilots, the excellently narrated DVD breaks down handling your wing on the tutor into 15 chapters that take you from inflation, through controlling a paraglider wing through to extermination it safely

Owner's Powered Paragliding #1 is a whooping 101 minutes of audio visual word that leaves your madly letter for letter buzzing with all the tricks and tips you’ve picked up and longing to get out there and act them

As you would require from Jeff Goin, the maker of the best selling Powered Paragliding Bible, Owner's Powered Paragliding #1 is a vigorous culture gismo for paraglider pilots, either powered or unpowered.

The Director’s About this tide: of the film
Tutor handling is greatly recognized as a paramotor pilot«s most outstanding expertness and the best summons for being a believable launcher. This video delves into the how and why of various methods to really owner»s the wing.

We come together word from several of our sports most skilled pilots, engaging the all together to put to shame a mix of techniques for newly fledged pilots who pine to about the next rank.

Using abide act, spiritedness and graphics we palliate the basics then take off for on to the fun bits. Techniques are covered that go from differences in wing layout to climbing up poles and walls. For sure, some of what's shown is just wold fun but every essay is made to palliate what is being doing and why.

The act is stopped or slowed as necessary to palliate what«s going on in an understandable demeanour. Your all together is respected and it moves thoroughly but briskly through the many topics--you»ll want to make with a detached control.

Combine Jaws Heaner, Steve Mayer, Phil Russman, Jeff Goin and others as they unequivocal sorcery of advanced paraglider tutor handling and get cordial to take off for up to the next rank.

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