Stayin’ Cognizant Of in Jo’Burg [documentary]

Stayin’ Alert in Jo’Burg

Fount: Documentary

Lingo: English

Empower: Inventive Commons Ascription-Noncommercial-Interest Like One Another 3.0

Johannesburg is the largest budgetary municipality in Africa. Downtown Johannesburg, however, is one of the world's most injurious places. Most offi ce buildings have been vacated or squatted and are occupied by various groups of unauthorized Africans from nearest countries. Thousands of karma seekers are trying to body a new spark of life in this anarchist urban jungle. Meanwhile, the big apple is preparing for the Humanity Cup soccer 2010, an powerful opening for Johannesburg to nearby itself to the humanity. The big apple heart needs to be cleaned up, and everything is being done to select sure that this vital actuality will run smoothly. But will it succeed? And what will be the consequences for the thousands of immigrants in the big apple center? Rob Schröder visited Johannesburg time since January 2008 to particularize the changes. Is it possible to master this big apple of ambition and consternation, and to metamorphose its center into a coffer and welcome duty to live? And how does anyone reachable in Johannesburg at all?

Staying« Alert in Jo»burg is also available as forgo of a DVD box containing four documentaries and many extras. You can buy the DVD box in the VPRO web-store.

Top Dog, camera and editorial writer: Rob Schröder

Guides: Ismail Farouk en Zack Sejaphala

Good: Jabu Mxhaka

Regisseur: Johannesburg Aryan Kaganof

Editorial Writer: Chris van Oers

Good Shape: Giel van Geloven

Producers: Ilse van Huisstede, Karin Vermeulen

Scrutinization: Shiuan-Wen Chu

Commissioning Editors: Barbara Truyen, George Brugmans (IABR)

Broadcaster: VPRO Television/Holland Doc

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