POtHS - SIN-ister Secrets - 42 - Homo Sapiens 1900 - Record of Eugenics

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POtHS — SIN-ister Secrets — 42 - Homo Sapiens 1900 - Narrative of Eugenics

POtHS — SIN-ister Secrets — 42 - Homo Sapiens 1900 - Narrative of Eugenics

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About this outpouring::

Homo Sapiens 1900 is a staggering expedition of the narrative of eugenics, folk hygiene and the mission to update the good samaritan folk.

Emerging at the decline of the century, eugenic movements spawned guidance sanctioned probing projects, whose stated goals were the advance of the good samaritan species through biological means — including discriminative development, sterilization, and the elimination of all «degenerate» members of system.

Unearthing upsetting archival footage and protracted-esoteric documents, Homo Sapiens 1900 examines the communal and administrative undercurrents that helped create the often-pathology febrile mission to establish a terrific folk. In the Joint States the American Eugenics System promoted the ratification of the world's first sterilization law, while in Germany and the Soviet Gang, in their efforts to establish utopian societies, developed their own horrific applications.

What the Critics are Saying
«There«s something intrinsically creepy about the precise mission to produce a new and improved good samaritan being, and »Homo Sapiens 1900,« Peter Cohen»s disturbing documentary on the narrative of eugenics, mercilessly zeroes in on exactly what that is. In turning people into laboratory specimens and using genetic theory to try to multiply terrific strains of people, scientists stage play God.» — The New York Times

«Monumental, astonishing! A bone-chilling and gut-wrenching narrative of eugenics — aka genetic hygiene — in the 20th century. Immensely recommended.» — Video Librarian

«Powerful and distinct. A set in motion indicative of of how art can be invoked for unethical purposes.» — Gazette of the American Medical Association
This is in remembrance of my Mom who passed at 11:44 pm PST ON 1-25-2011. Now she knows.

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