Syd Barrett - 1967-1969 - Wondering & Dreaming Vol.2

Almost 4 years ago I definite to concoct first serious DVD compilation of all Syd Barrett material's in occasion. The first set was called “Ultimate Collection” and “released” in 2009. Then later i updated this to Rev.A in summer of 2010 and then “Dope” footage appeared, so that was the ancestry of Rev.B :-)
But all is different now. You just need to liberal in can all my earlier DVD’s, because this while I used non-compressed sources for this anthology, they are also more and more upgrades appeared last while. I definite to concoct the most accomplish envisage, using all available sources (for example there was 4 versions of “Jugband Blues” with different audio and envisage, 2 versions of accomplish “Look Of The Week”, because I can’t determine what’s the provenience is the best etc.)
This 3 DVD set covering the most high-level years in Syd and number narration – 1966 to 1969. I also added 4th DVD as remuneration with kindred stuff (for example, how more Floyd collectors actually seen first backdrop murkiness over from UFO & Roundhouse days called “Speak” by John Latham ?)
This compilation also kindred to HYGIY series.

I would like to thank all people who help me in this launch: Pete M, Ron Toon (& Harvested), Captain Bronstain for his mechanical help & steadfastness, Felix Atagong, Standing Jones for his wonderful covers.

Hankering you are dig !

Wondering & Dreaming
Vol.3 (1967-69)

01. Look Of The Week (14-05-1967) — Provenience 2

This is latest rebroadcast by BBC.

They again repeated venerable «Sound Of The 60»s" show
probably in 2007.

Dignity is very accomplish.

Provenience for vet — Harvested DVD.

I have 2 sources for the accomplish vet -
Harvested and obscure VHS. I can't determine
by dignity, because they are both very accomplish,
so i included both.

02. Top Of The Pops (6-07-1967) – Reconstruction

BBC Lime Grove Studio, Shepherd's Bush, London, England.

Pink Floyd perfomed «See Emily Play» be for the first of three times
on the music routine «Top Of The Pops».

It was advertise on BBC1 TV at 7.30pm

(c) Glenn Povey

After bizarre hearsay, that departed footage is initiate,
i determine to concoct steal divulge with first audio
from this advertise.

All pictures are taken only from first perfomance on this divulge,
including hots from initiate video (Mojo article).

Audio is rumoured concoct by fan in 1967

03. Pathe Newsreel (8-07-1967)

On 8 july Pink Floyd were reported in Strain Maker to be making
a promotional murkiness over of «Scarecrow» for British Pathe Hearsay.

Filmed in and around Marbury Nation Parking-Lot in Nortwich
quondam to their divulge that evening, the cuff was then
syndicated throughout the ABC cinema circle in the summer 1967
and featured the horde wandering through wheat fields and
having a undertake sprout-out, whilst trying not to collapse
into fits of giggling.

(c) Glenn Povey

Thanks again to guys from Harvested, who provided
best to me this best dignity provenience from VHS.

Other non-floyd footage taken presently from Pathe website.

It was zealous hearsay somewhere in 2000's, that guys from Pathe
initiate in their archives uncut bind of all outtakes from this newsreel,
including also floyd footage.

This bind also presented here in preoccupied while (and provenience of floyd part
is the same)

16:9 account are taken from «Technicolour Dream» DVD, because
to this day it was best ever dignity (unhappily, that not in 4:3!)

Outtake excerpts from «Which One Is The Pink» doco

04. Bash Stick Mentions (1967-69)

Unhappily, Pink Floyd cancelled their perfomance in Bash Club
in august of 1967.

Here's presented inviting hit entourage, ladylike from
summer of regard era.

But then some oddities.

1967-08-01? Reply In G bind used for the German TV b'cast
(Season is some what doubtful as the continuous horde was on break
during the first 2 weeks of Aug '67 redeem for 2 recording sessions at EMI.)
Reply In G quote was rebroadcast on Bash Stick Occurrence #42
Hearsay 1969-04-26
(w/o voiceover) and then 1993-07-02 & 1995-06-05 (w/voiceover) —
"There was no divulge on 1967-08-01,
Occurrence #22 is from 7/22 & #23 from 8/26.

Uschi Nerke voiceover account was advertise on Bash Stick Occurrence #45
Hearsay 1969-08-02."

and immutable indefiniteness: during bash stick intro i initiate bit, and this guy in darkness
really looks like pink floyd...

05. American Bandstand (7-11-1967)

On 7-11-1967 Pink Floyd mimed to «Apples & Oranges» for the
music routine «American Bandstand» hosted by Dick Clark,
in which the horde were also interviewed.

It was advertise (in flush) on the KABC network
Trough 7 on 18 November at 11.30am

(c) Glenn Povey

Okay, the dignity isn't zealous and it still not only has that annoying timcode
that we've all seen before,
but an additional slate towards the top of the select.

There is also a feel mortified funereal box in which I needed to dispose of an ID
in classify to percentage this.

But I still think its quite watchable and don't think
I've ever seen it accomplish like this,
from Dick's intro (holding up the Piper LP)
through the end of the horde interviews.

PS. Sorry, but genuine gen info is obscure.

I captured this from a VHS bind, probably 2nd gen.

(c) Ron Toon.

Nothing to say really after this!

Non timecode footage is from «Eight Miles High» Doco &
Syd Barrett Allegory from VH1

06. Inside Support Of Dirt (at dec.67)

On 9 December members of Pink Floyd and their managers
were reported in Strain Maker to be viewing a flush film
cuff of newly recorded «Jugband Blues» at The Central
support of Dirt for numbering in a cultural exchange
arsenal routine. To A Large available on the collector's
furnish, this murkiness over was networked throughout North
America and to a large reported to be band's next single.

The Recording season and unearthing remains obscure.

(c) Glenn Povey

1. First account is probably from NTSC governor first gen VHS.

This is video as this initiate — no editing, no audio redub.

And mix from this first audio is entirely in perfect accord and obscure.

Murkiness Over was discovered in garden hut in 1999.

2. 2nd account kindly provided to me by Ron Toon, audio
now is alright.

3. BBC account are here just for fun :)

4. And immutable account first broadcasted in 2007 by BBC
in "Seven Ages Of Rock' series (some 2).

MUCH BETTER dignity and envisage looks different,
promo is incomplete

07. Tomorrow's Planet (12-12-1967)

On 12.12.1967 number were filmed at former landlord
Mike Leonard«s gratis for and copy of the "Tomorrow»s
World" routine that featured his untroubled and illumination experiments.

To squire his toil the horde were seen playing an untitled
beneficial chessman composed by Waters & Mason.
(The Soundtrack also included the Floyd jamming
a Booker T & The MG's fad improvisation).

The routine was advertise on BBC1 TV on 17.01.1968
at 6.40 PM and repeated for the very first while as some of
BBC Omnibus extra in 1994

(c) Glenn Povey

Mike Leonard have this footage in his private
omnium gatherum for many years and thankfully (BBC
has wiped this) it was appeared in collector's

Dignity is entirely earth-shaking, only footage have

Non timecode account was advertise on Jools Holland
divulge and Pink Floyd Omninus doco in 1994.

08. Christmas On Turf Continued (22-12-1967)

Pink Floyd appeared on last psychedelic serious conclusion "Christmas On Earth
Continued" on 22 December. It was last Syd Barrett perfomance with
the Floyd as 4 chessman horde.

Summer is Regard is all over forever.

This promo appeared in promotional large screen by Tom Weber "Watch Out
For Your Ears" with perfomances by Jimi Hendrix Expirience, New Animals &
( footage included only in toil pull a proof pix).

Floyd footage here listing only 3 seconds, unfortunately.

Other groups in this cuff: , Muted Appliance, Tomorrow,
Hendrix, Obscure funereal guys.

09. Familiar With Movies (Filmed between 1966 & 1969)

Unearthing and dates of this footage is still obscure.

This footage appeared first in Knebworth 1990 promo film
about Pink Floyd.

Earlier provenience have very bad dignity, i initiate new provenience from
VHS and it was looks much better.

This footage contains 1966, 1967 (?) and 1969 familiar with movies
edited in one cuff.

Rumours spreading that this is more and in best dignity..
but where ?

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