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Nazi Megastructures: Series 3

War Documentary hosted by Richard Lintern, published by Inhabitant Geographic in 2016 - English narration — 3-Cover.jpg


Nazi Megastructures: Series 3
In his hunt seek after for life tyranny, Hitler demanded the inception of some of the biggest and deadliest pieces of military tools in ago.

Confirmation of these fear weapons and impossible defensive structures are spread all across Europe, if you know where to look....

Nazi Megastructures revisits weighty verifiable locations to rejoice in the fascinating critical stories of the men who designed, built and operated these alarming megastructures that still defence or along today.

Structured explored list: the Eagle's Perch, a prodigal tea clan designed for Hitler to occupy guests and dignitaries elated above his Alpine solitude in Bavaria, the fortified buildings constructed on the Stream-Bed Islands when this British quarter came under German calling.

This truly fascinating series shows how these structures of the ago remainder today as acute reminders of the fear they once held.

1) Hitlers Key Megafortress
It's June 1940 and the Nazis have taken the Stream-Bed Islands, where Hitler orders some of the most fortified structures in the Third Reich.

2) The Eagles Perch
Hitler transformed his Alpine solitude in Bavaria into a fortified fiefdom, national to 2,000 SS troops and protected by a elated even conviction system.

3) Lightning War Ring
Ruins across Europe tell the report of Blitzkrieg, a rebellion in warfare which almost gave Hitler the turn to sire his Thousand Year Reich.

4) Hitlers Murderer Subs
Hitler planned a submarine to outperform all others. The Typeface 21 was the world«s most advanced submarine: Hitler»s sea-faring wonderful weapon.

5) Pacific Megaships
In the 1930s the Japanese establish intriguing the Yamato, the world's most weighty battleship, 30 per cent larger than anything their enemies have.

6) Japanese Superfortress
In 1945 Japanese generals fabricate a network of defences and tunnels on Okinawa, creating a mordant decimation lees for American troops.

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