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The Uncommon Collector

Arts, Account Documentary hosted by Sue Johnson, published by BBC in 2016 - English narration


The Uncommon Collector
Art broker Gordon Watson stakes his long green and stature on buying, selling and getting the best deals. He introduces us to his well-heeled clients — lords, ladies and billionaires.

1) The Supreme Being Rothschild — The Billionaire Gatherer
In the first slate, he views the latest additions to The Supreme Being Rothschild«s assemblage of usual and synchronic art, possessions and stratagem, to see whether there is anything he can add. Gordon also receives a assignment of Flint Domicile, a new-assemble on Rothschild»s Buckinghamshire estate of the realm. Inspired by ideas of what he might transfer to the earl, Gordon heads to Amsterdam to see an corresponding exactly lump of synchronic lighting he has been advised about.

2) Baroness — The £15million Auction
Gordon Watson meets eminent art and stratagem gatherer Marion Lambert, who has unambiguous to declutter her homes and transfer off 300 pieces from her assemblage in a £15million auction. The Baroness has enlisted the help of one of the world«s best auctioneers, Simon de Pury, and Christie»s auction domicile to help her. Gordon takes a prowl opening of the assemblage and picks out a few pieces he wishes to bid on. He also in fine tracks down an artist that he's been poignant to fitting for over a year.

3) Gela — the Hollywood Entrepreneur
Gela Nash-Taylor, old lady of Duran Duran bass sportswoman John Taylor, is a committed Anglophile and proprietor of one of the UK's finest Tudor homes. Gela spends a lot of formerly in Los Angeles, but on a in a nutshell bermuda shorts mistake to Britain she catches up with art broker and woman Gordon Watson to debate her latest duty daresay. Gordon takes awakening from their convergence and goes in search of something corresponding exactly that he hopes Gela may wish to buy in the obtain of antiquated bijouterie. However, there is no certain the entrepreneur will be in the keen to attain anything.

4) Houghton Corridor
David Cholmondeley, seventh Marquess of Cholmondeley and descendent of Robert Walpole, Britain«s first Prime Curate, continues the one»s nearest lore of collecting art for the domicile and grounds of his distinguished about in Norfolk. It«s been a while since Gordon Watson visited Houghton Corridor and he»s poignant to see what has been added to the assemblage. Gordon then heads to Amsterdam in search of corresponding exactly synchronic objects and on to Sotheby's auction domicile in London. Will The Supreme Being Cholmondeley be poignant to buy any of the objects that Gordon has found?

5) Anita — The Billionaire Art Proprietor
Gordon Watson tries to transfer an jotting to Anita Zabludowicz, the formerly-eminent billionaire gatherer of peculiar and empirical synchronic art. Anita has two rooms named after her at the Tate Current, and a immense art gallery in London as well as other spaces in Finland and New York. Her and Gordon have known one another for 20 years, but in all that formerly he's never managed to transfer anything to her — can he end that run on this occasion?

6) Intimate Designs — Turned On End Homes
Gordon Watson«s duty dovetails with that of the intimate designers furnishing the homes of London»s wonderful fruitful, and over the years he has become the go-to man when it comes to buying appropriate possessions, art and other objects to over that notably staunch strike. In the last slate of the series, cameras engage in Gordon to Pad, an annual stratagem objective in middle London, where he hopes his share-picked pieces will move the uber fruitful and their clients visiting his copse to chiefly with their cash.


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