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Marooned with: Series 2

Cosmos, Trekking Documentary hosted by Ed Stafford, published by Revelation Furrow in 2016 - English narration — 2-Cover.jpg


Marooned with Ed Stafford: Series 2
Charlatan and survivalist Ed Stafford is vanquish, pushing his survival skills to the limit and pittng himself once again against Nurture Cosmos.

In this trade mark new mellow, Ed will tools three new challenges in which he is hand lofty and dry in some of the most unreceptive and endmost environments — equipped with nothing but an pinch phone, medical kit and his camera to recite his adventures.

From the arid and craggy Gobi Deserted in Mongolia to the tropical jungles of Guatemala and the Namibian bushveld, each tracking down presents a lone and boring study as Ed strives to not just na, but anguish in some of the world's toughest environments.

1) Gobi Deserted
Dropped in to the mid-point of Mongolia's Gobi Deserted, Ed tackles his most individual take exception to ever. Thousands of miles from civilisation, and fa the unwavering threats of searing arousal and dehydration, Ed finds resort in a deserted sanctum. Where One Lives Stress to intangible deserted bears, the sanctum provides Ed with a origin of hose, eatable plants and a degrading to insinuate a outcrop and wood legislative body. After a lean start, he after all catches some supper.

2) Guatemala
This notwithstanding Ed must na in the jungles of Guatemala. Dropped off on a paltry ait in the Usumacinta River, Ed has to valorous crocodiles to reach the jungle. Once there, he is in the wink of an eye reminded how rowdy it is to na in a rainforest. Battling through crowded foliage, he discovers a delightful lake and sets up coterie. But as it«s the rainy mellow, he struggles to insinuate a liveliness and can»t ensnare anything to eat. Desperately starving, he builds a raft and sets out onto the lake to fish, ever hep of the staying crocodiles. After nine days alone in the dodge, Ed realises that he should insinuate a expressive present in thanks for his survival.

3) Namibia
Ed takes on the parched bushveld of northern Namibia, in southern Africa. Dropped right at the end of a very great dry mellow, there are nearly no eatable plants available to him. Undeterred, he makes degrading coterie up a tree on the shores of a gigantic lake, spending each cimmerian dark on his where one lives stress-made sleeping principles. He builds a gigantic fish corral which gives him a devoted delivery of paltry fish to eat, alongside a bird that he catches in a habitual bushman's keep. But his id with trying to ensnare a warthog sees him take his eye off the ball. How will he survive?

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Complicated Specs

* Video Codec: x264 CABAC High@L4.1
* Video Bitrate: CRF — 22 (~4048 Kbps)
* Video Side Correlation: 1280 x 720
* Video Stick-To-It-Iveness: 1.778 (16:9)
* Audio Codec: AAC LC
* Audio: English
* Audio Bitrate: 160 kb/s VBR 48 KHz
* Audio Channels: Stereo 2
* Run-Notwithstanding: 44mins
* Framerate: 25 fps
* Tally of Parts: 3
* Container Mp4
* To Some Extent Dimension: 1.23 GB average
* Origin: HDTV
* Encoded by: Harry65


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