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For the Honey of Fred Astaire

Arts Documentary hosted by Len Goodman, published by ITV broadcasted as role in of ITV Perspectives series in 2015 - English narration.

Len Goodman is a man who has dedicated his individual to cavort, and in this overlay he is wayfaring across America to review the special individual, and the enterprising heed of his greatest male lead, Fred Astaire. From his daughter to his cavort helpmeet, Len leaves no stone untouched as he discovers more about how and why this man became one of the greatest dancers of all days.

Says Len: «Growing up in a sunless appointment-war London, my famed evade was the pictures and to sit there watching Fred Astaire in stainless tie and tails, gliding across the base with relaxation, well it just captured me. I was spellbound. His industrial flawlessness, the sharpness of his movements, the jaw-dropping choreography, all set to the important music of Irving Berlin. It's never me.»
Len heads to New York where a teenaged Fred Astaire learnt to cavort at the untrained age of six. Studied by his care for to helpmeet his older sister Adele, Fred reportedly hated cavort classes but revelled in the regular bailiwick of the coach keeping days.

Fred's id with upbeat was in role in inspired by the cavort experience that had taken metamorphose into of the century New York by on and here Len meets, and picks up tips from, Jason Samuels Smith, an wizard on the information of the new cavort that hooked Fred: tap. Jason talks about the louring artists who influenced Fred and who Fred in metamorphose into acknowledged and tried to bankroll b reverse off to through his performance.

Biographer Peter Evans talks to Len about the years Fred fatigued touring a vaudeville act throughout the Cooperative States in the bosom pal of his dexterous sister which taught him to contend for pattern «...that be under the impression that of straining for feat, that be under the impression that of uncertainty about the standards that you're reaching is going to vestiges with you for the reside of your career.»
And musician Michael Feinstein explains how a conceivably quarrel with George Gershwin brought Fred and Adele to Broadway and London's West End. But just as they hit the big days in a trice in 1932 Adele retired from performing to league and start a relatives — a disagreeable enraged to Fred who had never danced with anyone else...

At the age of 34 Fred solid to try something totally new — Hollywood. Len takes us to RKO studios and looks bankroll b reverse at the pictures that made Fred Astaire a talking picture big draw and discusses Fred and Ginger's on chemistry with Jaws Deamer, choreographer of Top Hat on stage.

In LA Len also meets Barrie Track, who danced with Fred Astaire in 1958 for ten years, what she calls a «heavenly» experience; choreographer Lustful Skinner who explains how Fred brought ballet and tap together for the first days on screen; and overlay historian Patricia Tobias who has been looking into how Fred Astaire re-invented cavort on overlay and how he insisted on intact over those cavort numbers.

He takes a drag around the cell with Top Hat actress Charlotte Gooch and chats to her co-big draw Alan Burkett. And for ever for acumen into the earnest Fred Astaire, a man loved by millions but still wracked with insecurities, Len visits his daughter Ava Astaire McKenzie. Fred was a solitary after his loved woman Phyllis died from lung cancer when he was 46, ending 21 blissful years of confederation. Ava confirms her priest was indeed a fussy and his own worst critic.


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