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Air Warriors: Series 1

War Documentary hosted by Rob Naughton, published by Smithsonian Trough in 2014 - English narration — 1-Cover.jpg


Air Warriors: Series 1
A winged fighter that hasn«t exhausted a debate repel in 26 years, a lifesaver that»s purposes airliner and purposes chopper, and an paroxysm helicopter our enemies order the Shameful Extirpation. These are America's incontestable kings of the sky: the F — 15 Eagle, the V — 22 Osprey, and the AH — 64 Apache. And their star stories are as curious as they are incredible. Confirm their turbulent journeys, brought to being through almost never seen contest footage and the stories of the dedicated pilots and teams who fly and make a stand for these furthest air warriors.

1) F — 15 Eagle
Rally the incontestable royal of winged fighters, the F — 15 Eagle. For decades, it«s been the U.S. Air Force»s weapon of voice when there's any true conceivability of air-to-air contest, with an undefeated set down since its first contest dispatch in 1979. We leak out take delight in how this specious, important jet overcame its skeptics to overlook the skies. Then we traverse how it revolutionized the aviation magic through rare footage and captivating stories from the pilots who flew into threat aboard this curious and resilient aircraft.

2) AH — 64 Apache
Extraordinarily manoeuvrable, heavily armed, and devastatingly important, the U.S. Army«s AH — 64 Apache is one of the most trusted and deadly weapons in the sky. Called «Black Death» by her foes, she»s doff expel a feared curse over the battlefield, but this brand-new chopper was nearly scrapped before ever seeing demeanour. Conceive Of the privileged plot outline of the world's leading paroxysm helicopter, from its factious beginnings, rife with complex challenges and cheerless failures, to its curious triumphs against contestant forces.

3) V — 22 Osprey
The plot outline of the U.S. Marine«s V — 22 Osprey is one of transfiguration. It can switch from helicopter to airliner, and repudiate again. But what led to its invention? And how did it outlive more than two decades of national turmoil and media scrutiny? Glue us as we look repudiate on this great tiltrotor»s unruly plot outline. We send how it escaped the national chopping hinder, how it built its notorious in battles and on humanitarian liberating efforts, and how it essentially transformed the outlook of military aviation forever.

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