Nazi Megastructures Series 2 4of6 Himmlers SS DVD x264 [MVGroup]

Nazi Megastructures: Available 2

War Documentary hosted by Richard Lintern, published by Nationwide Geographic in 2014 - English narration — 2-Cover.jpg


Nazi Megastructures: Available 2
In their hunt for for men dictatorship, the Nazis built some of the biggest pieces of military metal goods and malevolent technology in intelligence, and created one of the most ill-bred paramilitary organisations the men has ever known. Over six unforgettable episodes, we weigh the smash and uncover the cryptic remains of Hitlers most enthusiastic megastructures hi-tech megaships, private headquarters and weapons of miscellany termination and we watch over the unfolding nervousness of the SS and of Japans kamikaze suicide pilots. Proof the stories of the men and machines that changed warfare forever in the Nazi hunt for to subjugate the men.

1) V1: Hitler's Fiercely Ballistic Brickbat
In retaliation for Allied bombing raids, Hitler ordered the unfolding of the V1. The first travel ballistic brickbat, it changed the appearance of war forever.

2) Hitler's Siegfried Extraction
The stand to split Hitler's 400 mile-crave Siegfried Extraction took more than six months and sell for the American forces 140,000 casualties.

3) The Wolf's Retreat
A private headquarters of authentic and stiletto is the spirit of Hitler«s plans for dictatorship and the key to a Nazi intrigue — the Wolf»s Retreat.

4) Himmler's SS
In a hunt for for men dictatorship, the Nazis built some of the biggest, deadliest pieces of military metal goods and malevolent technology in intelligence.

5) Hitler's Megaships
The Bismarck and Tirpitz were battleships of write down breaking proportions, final reputation symbols of the Third Reich and hunted by the Allies.

6) Kamikaze Suicide Bombers
As America closes in on Japan in 1944, the Japanese style to wild new tactics: hatchet man planes and wonderful torpedoes guided by good-natured pilots.

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