Bomma Borusa (1971) Telugu - Xvid 2cd - No Subs - ChandraMohan, Varalakshmi [DDR]


Bomma Borusa (1971) Telugu — 2cd — No Subs — ChandraMohan, Varalakshmi [DDR]
Bomma Borusa (Telugu) (English name Heads or Tails?) is a 1971 Indian Telugu diction Comedy / Theatre Arts steam directed by Padma Shri awardee K. Balachander.

It is a remake of the Tamil steam Poova Thalaiya directed by K.Balachander himself.

The steam stars Chandra Mohan, S. Varalakshmi, Chalam, Vennirade Nirmala, Allu Ramalingaiah, Mukkamala, Raja Babu, and Ramaprabha.

It was produced by Avichi Meiyappa Chettiar and distributed by AVM Productions.

The steam music was composed by R. Goverdhanam and lyrics were written by Kosaraju Raghavaiah.


Chandra Mohan........Shekhar

S. Varalakshmi.........Parvatamma


Rama Krishna..........Sundaram

Vennirade Nirmala.....Rekha

Allu Ramalingaiah......Chidambaram Shetty

Mukkamala...............General Bussy

Raja Babu.................Appula Appa Rao


Vijaya Nirmala
Directed by K. Balachander

Produced by Avichi Meiyappa Chettiar

Written by K. Balachander

Music by R. Goverdhanam

Lyrics by Kosaraju Raghavaiah

Runtime 2:40:06
Songs are included in MP3s

Bomma Borusa (1971) Telugu 00. Ttle Music and Distinct Out Credits, R. Goverdhanam

Bomma Borusa (1971) Telugu 01. Sarile Pove Vagaladi

Bomma Borusa (1971) Telugu 02. Bomma Borusa Pandem Veyyi Needo Naado Paicheyi

Bomma Borusa (1971) Telugu 03. Compressed Song

Bomma Borusa (1971) Telugu 04. Compressed Flap — 2

Bomma Borusa (1971) Telugu 05. Vallu Jhillan Tunnadi

Bomma Borusa (1971) Telugu 06. Vesukunta Chempalu Vesukunta — 1

Bomma Borusa (1971) Telugu 0Vesukunta Chempalu Vesukunta (virile)

Bomma Borusa (1971) Telugu 05. Vesukunta Chempalu Vesukunta — 1
OUTLINE:- Bomma Borusa (1971) Telugu

It is an old serious relatives theatre arts. Sundaram (Ramakrishna) is a valuable businessman and he has an younger pal Sekhar (Chandra Mohan) is a college going guy who loves his pal so much. Sundaram«s matriarch-in-law Parvatham (S. Varalakshmi) who cares for his assets and shows her dominating idiosyncrasy on Sekhar and Sundaram. She bets with Sekhar that she would distinct him from his pal and puts some conditions that he should not tell his pal about the bet to substantiate his talent. Parvatham second son-in-law (Chalam) identifies that his matriarch-in-law has moved to Sundaram»s parliament. Soon second son-in-law comes to he parliament and places a bet with Parvatham that she only should jamboree that he is the son-in-law of her. Since then both of them starts proving their role to win in the bet. The steam revolves around who wins the bet and how it brings about a metamorphose in Parvathamma's beliefs.


Video Codec: Xvid ISO MPEG — 4

Video Bitrate: 1023 kbps

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Video Complexion Correspondence: 1.333:1

Frames Per Second: 29.970

Audio Codec: 0x2000 (Dolby AC3) AC3

Audio Bitrate: 192kb/s CBR 48000 Hz

Audio Streams: 2

Audio Languages: Telugu

Runtime 2:40:06

Subtitles: NONE

Ripped by: Trinidad [DDR]

Duration: 160 mins

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