Amber (1952) MHCe DVD5 - No Subs - Raj Kapoor, Nargis [DDR]


Amber (1952) MHCe DVD5 - No Subs — Raj Kapoor, Nargis [DDR]
Amber (The Sky) also called Ambar, is a 1952 Hindi uniform process dalliance thriller veil directed by Jayant Desai.

The summary was by Dwarka Khosla and Bachoobhai Shukla, with dialogues by Munshi Sagar Hussain and Arjun Dev Rashk.

The screenplay was credited to Uma Devi. The veil was produced by Seth Jagat Narain for his streamer, Jagat Pictures, with music by Ghulam Mohammed.

The actress Tanuja was credited as Cosset Tanuja and played the r of a minor Nargis.

The summary involves arouse in the manor house, a monarch blamed for a killing and a daughter avenging her father's expiry. Nargis plays Amber, out for repayment, while Raj Kapoor plays the man sent to safeguard the monarch.


Nargis as Rajkumari Amber

Raj Kapoor as Raj

Bipin Gupta as the Maharaja

Agha as Veenu Bilasi

Ramesh Sinha as Diwanji

Nayampally as Johar

B. M. Vyas as Raj’s father

Tanuja as minor Amber

Cuckoo as the songster, dancer

Helen as a chorus songster dancer

Tun Tun

Directed by Jayant Desai

Produced by Seth Jagat Narain

Music Commandant: Ghulam Mohammed

Lyricist: Shakeel Badayuni

Playback Singers:- Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammed Rafi, Shamshad Begum, Zorabhai Ambalewali
One of the accessible songs from the veil was "Hum Tum Yeh Bahar, Dekho Rang Laya Pyar
Songs are included in MP3s

Amber (1952) 00. Headline Music and Concealment Credits, Ghulam Mohammed

Amber (1952) 01. Dil Ke Sheeshmahal Mein, Shamshad, Zohrabai Ambalewali, Ghulam, Shakeel

Amber (1952) 02. Chura Kar Dil Ko Yun, Rafi, Ghulam, Shakeel

Amber (1952) 03. Shama Jali Parwana Aaya, Rafi, Lata, Ghulam, Shakeel

Amber (1952) 04. Automatically Hain Naina Gham Ke Maare, Shamshad, Rafi, Ghulam, Shakeel

Amber (1952) 05. Tootegi Na Pyar Ki Dor, Lata, Ghulam Mohammed, Shakeel Badayuni,

Amber (1952) 06. Skip pattern by Nargis!!

Amber (1952) 07. Hum Tum Yeh Bahaar Dekho Rang Laaya, Rafi, Lata, Ghulam, Shakeel

Amber (1952) 08. Hum Pyar Tumhin Se Karte Hain, Lata, Ghulam, Shakeel

Amber (1952) 09. Duniya Mein Nahi Koi Yaar Wafadar, Rafi, Lata, Ghulam, Shakeel

Amber (1952) 10. Dhoom Dhadaka Dhoom Dhadaka, Rafi, Shamshad, Ghulam, Shakeel

Amber (1952) 11. END MUSIC
SUMMARY:- Amber (1952)

Amber (Cosset Tanuja), a minor orphaned tribal miss, stays with her motherly grandfather who is the Chief. She learns that her forefather was a prince who had married her shelter but was killed. The cause of the killing was unfamiliar and the killers were never caught. Her shelter had committed suicide soon after. The grandfather sends her to the manor house to sojourn with her kindly grandfather, the Monarch (Bipin Gupta). The Monarch comes to adulation Amber and she grows up (Nargis) surrounded by adulation and hedonism. However, she is let known through manor house arouse that her grandfather, the Monarch, had got her forefather killed. She decides to avenge her father«s expiry by fatiguing her grandfather. Ambar, on one of her outings meets Raj (Raj Kapoor), and the two lacking in adulation. Raj turns out to be a bandit, but his forefather is a trustworthy server to the monarch. Raj»s forefather fears that someone is going to damage the monarch so he sends Raj to the manor house. Raj arrives there pretending to be a teacher.

The King«s dean, Diwanji (Ramesh Sinha) and his son Johar (Nayampally), are also plotting to execute the Monarch and take over the province. Raj meanwhile, starts suspecting Amber of harbouring intolerable intentions towards her grandfather. One end of day, focused on fatiguing the Monarch, Amber goes to his chambers. The Diwanji is already there with plans to execute the Monarch too; the ensuing turmoil brings everyone to the chambers and Amber is caught. Raj gathers an army and saves the Monarch and Amber. Absolutely, everything is revealed with the Diwan and his son being rest out as the genuine murderers of Amber»s forefather, the Prince.

Claiming to be a exiled orphan, minor Amber gets adopted by the Maharaja and grows up in the manor house. 10 years later, she dramatically meets a bandit, Raj, and both are attracted to each other. Raj's forefather fears for the autobiography of the Maharaja and asks his son to act as a bodyguard. The former dons the disguise of a instruct and arrives at the manor house. While the Maharaja is walking on air, the Diwan and his son, Johar, are not too thrilled. Then the latter comes to know of a intrigue to execute the Maharaja — and the ourselves he suspects is none other than Amber


Video Codec: MPEG — 2

Video Bitrate: 4299 kbps

Video Suggestion: 704x480

Video Side Relationship: 1.333:1

Frames Per Second: 29.970

Audio Codec: AC3

Audio Bitrate: 448kb/s CBR 48000 Hz

Audio Streams: 6

Audio Languages: Hindi

RunTime: 2:10:45

Subtitles: NONE

Ripped by: Trinidad [DDR]

Duration: 2:10:45

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