Chief Lazer - Be Exposed It Up (act. Nyla & Consolidate ODG) [Remix] (Sanctioned Music Video).mp4

Working with Diplo we discussed how he wanted to convey this frank bulletin with a loyal intuition of asset, authenticity and fake sensibility. Because Fuse’s relations is from Ghana, and he was over there recording, we intention it would diminish a really provocative aesthetic to coating the video there. Delving deeper into Ghanaian savoir faire, we set that their stock cremation ceremonies superlatively display this intuition of coming together to impassion start up against misery.

The whole community joins together, first in sorrow the extirpation, then in celebrating the soul that was lived. We worked closely with a Ghanaian relations and agricultural village, intersection the elders and receiving their favour to coating and partake in a loyal cremation proprieties.

We wanted to secure the video in this very loyal, documentary universe but also tried to collar a intuition of peregrination and furore of the deceased’s life by adding a surreal emphasis to our visuals, both in terms of the way we filmed the cremation but also by adding some more ethereal elements to the mend.

I set a rime "Kae” [Memorialize] written in a stock Ghanaian language; Twe, which felt like the unequalled colleague to the video as it is about reflecting on misery but rising up and looking to the tomorrow's and to new soul.

— Maestro Sam Pilling on marking «Light it Up» music video in Ghana

Chief Lazer — Be Exposed It Up (act. Nyla & Consolidate ODG) [Remix] (Sanctioned Music Video).mp4

Major Lazer — Skinny It Up (tour de force. Nyla & Unite ODG) [Remix] (Authorized Music Video)
Label — Mad Decent
Quality — HD (1080p)
Frame Clip — 1920x1080
Bitrate — 3151kbps
Frame clip — 24fps

Release Woman — 01 2016 (As per YouTube)

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