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In the start-off brouhaha of this talking picture, a Japanese «schoolgirl» is walking alone on the underground railway and is snatched by a misconstrue(dressed in lederhosen for some proper). He takes her remote to his hideout where he has several more capital train girls tied up. This new immigrant turns out to be an secret cop, however, and she dispatches the misconstrue with her two weapons--her yo-yo and her see-through panties (the yo-yo is actually a worth weapon, but aside from their bald-faced exploitation value, I'm not so sure about the see-through panties). It turns out the mark «Saki» aka «Yo-Yo» aka «Agent See-Through Panties» is a former sweetheart-overwhelm numero uno who is being phoney to exertion secret (and tediously tire see-through panties) by the policemen who have arrested her upper-addict/prostitute fuss over. For her next distribution she is sent secret to give way up a helpless at the limited capital train.

Obviously, this is a lot more exploitative than natural. «Saki» is theoretical to be both a female overwhelm boss AND a virgin, but the miniature-appealing actress who plays her doesn«t look remotely like either. For an secret operative, she also sticks put like a cut thumb in her «new» capital train since she insists on wearing the in error livery, yelling at her classmates, and fighting with the girls in the controlling circle (her see-through panties don»t help either). As everyday in Japanese exploitation films, the males at the train are all clueless dorks and/or intractable lechers, and both the female «teachers» and the «students» are all played by twenty-year-old girls with through-and-through bodies (not that I have anything against twenty-year-old Japanese girls with through-and-through bodies).

I«ve been checking out a lot of Japanese «pink» films from the 1960»s up to the these days day ever since reading Jasper Sharp«s remarkable rules «Behind the Pink Curtain». Some are actually appealing worth, some aren»t so worth but are genuinely titillating, and some are neither worth nor very titillating but are so odd and deviate they«re kind-hearted of provocative nevertheless. This definitely doesn»t decide on the first classification, but it falls somewhere between the second and the third. If you want to take that as a advocacy, have at it.

IMDB info: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1076862/

Same as always guys, note worn out, and dig!

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