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About this cascade::

Jackie (Kannada: α▓┼ôα▓╛α▓ΓÇóα▓┐, Telugu: α░┼ôα░╛α░ΓÇóα░┐) is a 2010 Indian multilingual coat[4] directed by Soori and features Kannada actor Puneet Rajkumar and Bhavana Menon in the hero roles.[5] It was released in Kannada on 14 October, 2010 to a depreciative acclaim[6] and was adjudged the Best Coat of 2010 at the South Filmfare Awards.[7] Telugu construct was released on 6 May, 2011[2] while Malayalam construct set free stage is yet to be announced.[8][9]
The coat is popular for its industrial lion-heartedness, sarcastic dialogs and lyrics, combined with an art that has become a trademark of Soori's rustic undergo cinema.[10] Music was composed by V. Harikrishna with Yograj Bhat as the lyricist for all the songs in Kannada. The album, which distinguished its platinum disc, is also available as a 5.1 audio DVD disc.[11] After prosperous screening in Australia, In Accord Bailiwick and Germany, Jackie was released in the USA and Singapore in Feb 2011.


Janakirama alias Jackie (Puneet Rajakumar) is an 8th ideal leave out-out living with his mom Jayamma who operates a flour common-or-garden variety in a village. Jackie is a guy who dreams of making it big; but not by forcefully employment. He is an qualified humorist musician and thinks he can reward all his debts with earnings from it. He does every job and hopes he would one day go-ahead it big as a realtor. He is effusive and uses the opportunities around him to eke out a living. In the locality where he lives, a priest«s daughter Yashodha (Harshika Poonacha), is in sweet with a photo studio possessor who is actually a conduit for a person trafficker and asks Jackie to help her get married. Jackie initially tries to help but when the curate questions him, he decides to cop out of the affair respecting the old father»s feelings.

Losing all expect, Yashodha elopes with her lover, along with a insensible to bit of skirt. The curate is under the impress that Jackie is the intermediary in this envelope. So it becomes stability of Jackie to evidence Yashodha and the insensible to bit of skirt. Meanwhile, Jackie is followed by the long arm of the law as he has sheltered a pen-pal who has fled from the che = «community deeply with education on the premises» and a cop gets killed during the escapade. In the dull forest, he averts a customary of person renounce where Lakshmi (Bhavana Menon) is the intended butt. The get under someone's skin shoots up for Jackie again as even the wicked-doers are chasing him now. As he lands up in Bengaluru, he finds out that the insensible to bit of skirt who went with Yashodha is smothered. He gets a indicate of Prasanna alias Jooli when he becomes palsy-walsy to cop Bheemanna (Rangayana Raghu) which leads to dubious activities of a company transporting girls to overseas in oil tankers, headed by Mithai Rama (Ravi Kale). Jackie is on the stalking for the iffy cooperate and as the the long arm of the law from other let go also perform Jackie, it is where the cinema finds a exhilarated-ending climax.

With a budget of 7 crores, the putting out of the coat started on 3 Stride at Kantheerava Studio and took dispose for 95 days in Bengaluru, Mysore, Italy and Namibia.[13] The coat is the deeply putting out of Dr. RajkumarΓΓé¼Γäós blood under the symbol of Poornima Enterprises. Jackie is PuneetΓΓé¼Γäós 15th coat and his first with Duniya Soori. The large shield saw the appear of Malayalam actress Bhavana in Kannada wording films.[14]
Chief Soori, who is known for maintaining his handwriting and characters a secretive, had earlier revealed that the coat is about how entity takes a assemble for Jackie and the way he faces the challenges and added that the coat will be different from PuneetΓΓé¼Γäós earlier films. Soori, however, was initially «scared» to be directing a Puneet Rajkumar flick just because of the immense expectations from the audience.[15] SnorriCam has been used extensively in the film's ditty and stop sequences giving it a subject-of-sight undergo.

Remake rights was purchased by NS Rajkumar, who is dubbing the Kannada coat to Telugu and Malayalam languages for a 2011 set free.[16]

Puneet Rajkumar as Janakirama alias Jackie
Bhavana Menon as Lakshmi
Harshika Poonacha as Yashodha
Rangayana Raghu as Meese Bheemanna
Raju Thalikote as a conjugal agent
Shobharaj as The Long Arm Of The Law Superintendent
Ravi Kale as Mithai Rama
Sumithramma as Jackie's mom — Jayamma
Petrol Prasanna as Prasanna alias Jooli
Bullet Prakash
Honnavalli Krishna as a chicken seller (customer r)
Chief Soori, Kannada lyricist Yograj Bhat and music chief V. Harikrishna appear on-shield during the entitlement trail of the film

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Runtime .................... [ 02:22:08
Container .................. [ AVI
Rip Scope ................... [ 1/5DvD (896MB)

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Devotedness ................. [ 640x272 @ 23.976 Fps
Video ...................... [ x264 @ 797 Kbps
Audio ...................... [ AAC 2Ch @ 80 Kbps CBR
Subtitle ................... [ English
Audio Wording ............. [ Kannada

Ripper Notes ............... [ Njoy

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