Mystic India (2005) DVD5_Uncomp - The Astounding Make A Pilgrimage of Spur [DDR]


Mystic India (2005) DVD5_Uncomp_The Tremendous of Feeling [DDR]

Mystic India (2005) DVD5_Uncomp — The Astounding Make A Pilgrimage of Spur [DDR]

In Hindi and English Audio

Letesh Patel
Rupak Mehta
45,000 Extras

Producers — BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha
Principal — Keith Melton
Music Composer — Pandit Ronu Majumdar & Sam Cardon

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Mystic India (2005) DVD5_Uncomp — The Astounding Make A Pilgrimage of Spur [DDR]

ABOUT THE CINEMA:- Mystic India (2005) The Epic Journey
Mystic India rediscovers India, a motherland of many mysteries and fascinations, the one motherland that all want to see. Haunt of the Himalayas, the tallest mountains, India is our world's largest and oldest democracy, and contains an extraordinary cash of sapience, savoir vivre and spirituality. And within this earliest mores known to mankind, lie obscured esoteric secrets. It lies obscured in India’s unspoken spirituality, making her a mystic motherland of meditation, contemplation and enlightenment.

For thousands of years, many have zealously hand the comforts of their haunt and one's own flesh and set off across this divine motherland in search of these secrets. Their aim has been to reach a deeper sapience of actuality and interest the interpretation of that would elevate the residuum of community. Of all such journeys, perhaps none is greater than the upright recital of an 11-year old infant yogi, Neelkanth, who took an rare through the wonders of mystic India. An happening of hardships and survival, belief and fearlessness undertaken by a infant. The only one of its big-hearted in the information of mankind.

rom 1792 to 1799, Neelkanth walked alone, barefoot and barebody, 8000 miles for 7 years through the extent and largeness of India. Carrying no maps, no provisions and no clothing, how he crossed the roaring rivers, faced monstrous animals and survived the frosty winter of the Himalayas, is still a vagueness. It is a recital of contest, of compassion and of valour even when complexion to complexion with a man-eating lion.

Mystic India takes you through icy peaks to the cooling filthy Lake Mansarovar, into the unbroken jungles of Sunderbans and the rainforests of Assam, through unproductive deserts and to the unspoken shores of South India. Examine and learn from the majesty and mysticism of India's art and architecture, music and gambol, faces and festivals, customs and costumes which are brought to on the superhuman camouflage.
Mystic India (2005) DVD5_Uncomp — The Astounding Make A Pilgrimage of Spur [DDR]

This delightful, educating and enlightening superhuman camouflage screen rediscovers India, a motherland of many mysteries and fascinations. It is the world’s first mammoth appearance epic on India. A age camouflage set 200 years upon someone in occasionally, it retraces the tremendous of an 11-year old infant yogi, Neelkanth. In 1792 AD, he walked for 12,000 km continuously for 7 years, barefoot and barebody, through the extent and largeness of India, from the Himalayas to the southern sea-shores. Based on this inspiring upright- recital and all over India, the camouflage explores in perfect accord elements of India, like:
— Extraordinary and daedal art and architecture, symbolizing creativity of centuries…
— Fascinating festivals, among the largest and most spectacular in the men.
— Colorful customs and intriguing rites and rituals with deeper meanings for undisturbed living…
— India as an model of the men with its regular and geographical inconsistency containing nearly every big-hearted of environment on earth.
— World’s oldest and largest democracy with one of the world’s most discrete peoples living together, with every murk of shell and a enormous collection of cultures.
— India’s contribution to the men including concepts like Non-Ferociousness and practices like Yoga and Ayurveda for regular health…
— A state of unspoken spirituality, making her a mystic motherland of meditation and contemplation, where chase continues to understand of secrets of beyond our information world
— The trustworthy lighter and sapience of India, seeking to know not how to overcome the men but how to energetic in non-belligerent, how to energetic together in harmony
— The bottom line and report of “Mystic India” that there can be Consentaneousness in Inconsistency, that we are a unmarried benign one's own flesh, efficient of living together, loving one another.
Mystic India (2005) DVD5_Uncomp — The Astounding Make A Pilgrimage of Spur [DDR]

Thus, more than just a breathtaking , and the daring tales of the child’s forbearance and survival, his values of belief, fondness and fearlessness, the camouflage presents a in perfect accord into the concentration and being of India through the eyes of an above suspicion infant.

Over two shooting schedules in String — May 2003 and Jan-Feb 2004, the Mystic India moving picture side traveled to more than 100 different camouflage locations in India, at times shooting in militant conditions at a top of 13,000 feet, re-creating the adventures of Neelkanth in the astonishing delegate of mammoth appearance. Capturing blinding images and scenes on a decrease never seen before in mammoth appearance, this camouflage transports the audience to some of India's most ritual and treasured destinations.

The epic proportions of the camouflage trail in the Rath Yatra (The Carnival of Chariots). Giant, 5-floor turbulent chariots on mammoth wheels revel in information 8,000 people in age put on clothing of the 18th century from all corners of India. The face is extensive and fervent. And what makes the camouflage in perfect accord and educative are the questions it answers about India, her savoir vivre and way of . Even the unspoken, rapt moods put the classic messages of inclination, help and harmony; unraveling India's greatest hand-out to the men, its consentaneousness in inconsistency.

Mystic India is an epic into the motherland and being of India.

Mystic India (2005) DVD5_Uncomp — The Astounding Make A Pilgrimage of Spur [DDR]

SYNOPSIS:- Mystic India (2005)
On June 29, 1792, Neelkanth begins his of awakening. Having resolved to adopt the challenges of stamp, he leaves his haunt in the burgh of Ayodhya. Neelkanth walks alone into the chilling frenetic shades of night, wearing nothing over his shoulders or under his feet, carrying nothing — no maps, no moolah, no provisions — except inner valour, self-reliance and a unspoken divine force. At the Saryu River, he enters the chilling, raging common. Neelkanth is swept away, leaving behind all that was familiar.

Neelkanth«s footprints create to map the extent and largeness of India — its compact jungles, profuse plains, pompous mountains, burly rivers, and undisturbed coastlines. Lush for more than 8,000 years, this motherland has been haunt to an antediluvian and very advanced mores. Neelkanth»s promenade would last for 7 years, 12,000 kilometers, covering every corner of India.

On the banks of the Ganges, Neelkanth takes interest in the Harki Pedhi Arti (The Obsequies of Lamps) at Haridwar. For thousands of years, Hindus have gathered here to pay their respects to India's most ritual river. A clergywoman notices Neelkanth in the stiffness and desires to undergo him. Neelkanth poses a spread to the clergywoman, «Iron sinks, but wood floats. What should iron do to keep from sinking?» No affair how sustained it takes, the clergywoman promises himself to tumble to the surrebutter. Continuing his way north, Neelkanth climbs his way to the mountain village of Sripur, venerable for its leading shrine, Kamleshwar Muth. The mahant (chief clergywoman) notices Neelkanth resting under a accessible tree. He warns Neelkanth of the man-eating lion terrorizing the village and invites Neelkanth to postponement in the Muth. Neelkanth asks, «Can your doors closing up death?» As shades of night falls, the doors of every haunt are pantihose fastened.

Mystic India (2005) DVD5_Uncomp — The Astounding Make A Pilgrimage of Spur [DDR]

It is well information midnight and a chilling howl with laughter shatters the strange quietude. A lion charges through the squeak spotting Neelkanth. They undergo complexion to complexion. The Mahant, jumpy for the youthful infant, looks out his window and sees a queer and preposterous sight; the monstrous lion is humbly untruthfulness by the feet of Neelkanth. The next morning, as Neelkanth leaves, the thankful faces of villagers enclose him.

Hosting a inconsistency of faces, India is haunt to a colorful miscellany of people. Neelkanth introduces us to the faces of India. Haunt to 18 different languages and 850 dialects, India is the want of the world; no other territory, even continent, has so many different people living and working together.

Continuing into the Himalayas, Neelkanth makes his way to Badrinath Cathedral. Regular at 11,300 feet, Badrinath is one of India«s most revered temples. For six months of the year, the cathedral closes during the murderous chilling winter. A string begins its down from the mountains to warmer temperatures and shelter. A clergywoman meets Neelkanth on the steps of the cathedral and invites Neelkanth to go him, but Neelkanth says, «I am not going down, I am going up…to Lake Mansarovar.» The clergywoman cannot believe what he has just heard. He says «At this occasionally of year…you»ll complexion blizzards and avalanches. You'll never survive.» Neelkanth smiles and walks down the steps, leaving the clergywoman to wonder why such a youthful infant would hazard his in the mountains.

For six months, in the frosty temperatures with no housing, Neelkanth treks through the Himalayas, haunt to 92 of the 94 tallest peaks in the men. Crossing a old-fashioned at 18,000 feet, Neelkanth reaches the ritual trail of Mt. Kailash, and the spotless shores of Mansarovar, the beginning of four of India's burly rivers — Indus, Brahmaputra, Karnali and Sutlej. With no ideal or maps, Neelkanth negotiates through the deepest ghyll in the men cut by the Kali Gandki between Dhaulagiri and Nilgiri in the Annapurna Mountain register. At The End Of The Day, he reaches Muktinath at 12,500 feet, where an antediluvian cathedral of Christ Vishnu gloriously stands to this day, encircled by 108 waterspouts. Here he undertakes a without gait, a within. Performing dreadful austerities in a rare yogic layout, months rotate to seasons, seasons rotate to years, and Neelkanth grows older and wiser.
Mystic India (2005) DVD5_Uncomp — The Astounding Make A Pilgrimage of Spur [DDR]

Descending the mountains, it has been 5 years since Neelkanth has hand his haunt. From the undisturbed villages to the mountain peaks, Neelkanth leads us through a motherland ornamented with leading monuments, palaces, and relics of stone. We examine Indian architecture and its blessedness of styles, forms and shapes.

Neelkanth's direct leads him through the rainforests of Assam, the jungles of Sunderbans and to the shores of Jagannath Puri. The annual Rath Yatra (Carnival of Chariots) is famed here. Every year, for thousands of years, millions of pilgrims throng here to degrade the chariot of Christ Jagannath. Raja Mukund Dev, Crowned Head of Jagannath Puri, invites Neelkanth to sanctify Rath Yatra.

A conch projectile blows and the tempestuous clanging of plates deafens us. Immediately in front, we see Neelkanth sitting on a giant chariot and the crowned head regular by his side. Hundreds are pulling the chariot with four mountainous ropes. Pilgrims are cheering, singing, dancing, and throwing vermillion into the air. The giant wheels of the chariot sate our perspective. We raft above and let the Rath old-fashioned below to savour an overwhelming invisible b unusual of thousands. A sea of colors shines below.

This carnival is just one of many festivals of India. They are expressions of joy for many occasions — be it the extraction of a infant, the changing of the seasons, or the New Year. A deviating spectrum of colors, costumes and customs are portrayed in the festivals of India. Viewers are immersed in some of the greatest festivals of India; from the lights of Diwali to the colors of Holi.

Following the eastern coastline, Neelkanth arrives in South India at the antediluvian Rameshwaram Cathedral. Built in the 12th century, the Rameshwaram cathedral has 1,212 pillars and India«s longest stone hallway stretching 1.2 kilometers. This cathedral is one of the most turbulent-level tour places in all of India. At each of the 22 wells, people bathe as a purification routine. Regular by one of these wells, Neelkanth is walking on air to tumble to the clergywoman he met in Haridwar five years upon someone. The clergywoman has rest the surrebutter to Neelkanth»s spread, «If iron attaches itself to wood, iron too can raft. We are the iron tinkle. Common-Sense persons like you are the wood.» Walking On Air with the priest's return, Neelkanth explains that the camaraderie of an common-sense yourselves keeps our weaknesses from drowning us in the abundance of .
Mystic India (2005) DVD5_Uncomp — The Astounding Make A Pilgrimage of Spur [DDR]

For the next two years, Neelkanth travels from the cathedral towns of South India, through the backwaters of Kerala and ends his in the village Loj in Gujarat. In the villages of India, where to this day 80% of all Indians energetic, it is a ritual to welcome visitors like gods.

A superhuman banyan tree hangs over Loj. Under this tree, villagers often harvest for discussions. Neelkanth learns of a spacious saint and lecturer Ramanand Swami in one of these gatherings. Enchanted to understand such dirt, Neelkanth waits for him in his ashram. While at the ashram Neelkanth, who conquered the challenges of stamp, sweeps the floors. Having mastered all the disciplines of yoga by the age of 14, Neelkanth shares his sapience with others.

Neelkanth and Ramanand Swami undergo on a riverbank. Ramanandji says, «Now that you have arrived, beguile the people because you are the upright master.» But Neelkanth prefers the quietude of the mountains. Ramanand Swami encourages Neelkanth and says, «Awakening was your aim and shall extend to be so. Your footprints in the sands of occasionally will lighter up the track for seekers of valour, self-reliance, inclination, truly, and forbearance.»

Neelkanth grows older to become one of the greatest divine leaders of India. His lessons extend to rally millions. His perspective, travail, and sapience echoes the bottom line of Indian savoir vivre — its consentaneousness in inconsistency. This is the greatest hand-out India can proffer the men.
Mystic India (2005) DVD5_Uncomp — The Astounding Make A Pilgrimage of Spur [DDR]
Mystic India (2005) DVD5_Uncomp — The Astounding Make A Pilgrimage of Spur [DDR]
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