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«1979» is a long story by the American substitute indigent bind The Smashing Pumpkins. Released in 1996 as the second choose from their third studio album, Mellon Collie and the Bottomless Dejectedness, «1979» was written by frontman Billy Corgan, and features loops and samples that were uncharacteristic of anterior to Smashing Pumpkins songs. The long story was accepted with critics and fans; Allmusic's Amy Hanson called it a «somewhat surprising hit». The long story was nominated for the Transcribe of the Year and Best Indigent Bringing Off by a Duo or Set with Vocal at the Grammy Awards, and won an MTV Video Music Assign for Best Substitute Video.

The music video for «1979» was directed by the troupe of Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, who had heretofore directed the music video for «Rocket». From The Beginning, the bind approached another skipper (peradventure Skewer Jonze) to glaze the video for «1979». His apprehension was that all the bind members were residents in an outlandish breakfast and they were all going to have exclusively made outlandish-elephant masks. This video would have fetch over a million dollars.

The video follows a day in the soul of disaffected suburban teenagers driving around in a Move Aside Charger. It is based on a concept Corgan created, featuring an idealized form of teenage soul, while also trying to collar the sensitivity of being bored as a juvenile. From The Beginning, Corgan wanted a disagreeable situation of barbarity, in which the convenience trust in was trashed by the teens at the end of the video, but Dayton and Faris convinced him to go for something more domesticate. Aside from Corgan appearing throughout the video in the backseat of a car, the other bind members had bit parts in the video; James Iha appears as a convenience trust in clerk and as the guitarist for the bind in the function disagreeable situation, D«arcy Wretzky as an irate neighbour, and Jimmy Chamberlin as a policeman and as the drummer for the bind in the function disagreeable situation. Bind foreman «Gooch» plays Jimmy»s partner.

Upon finishing the video develop, the bind flew to New York to fulfil. However, all tapes of the footage were accidentally hand sitting on top of a car, and were fallen as the driver departed. The set later flew aid to reshoot the total video again.

The «1979» video was influentially acclaimed. It won the MTV Video Music Assign for Best Substitute Video in 1996. It was one of Canadian wire boob tube music strait MuchMusic«s Countdown few-one videos of 1996. Billy Corgan considers it the Pumpkins» best video, line it «the closest we've ever come to realizing everything we wanted.»

The video for the 1998 long story «Perfect» is a result to this one, and involves the same characters who are now older.

«1979» is the Smashing Pumpkins' highest-charting choose, reaching few twelve on the Billboard Hot 100 and few one on the Mainstream Indigent Tracks and on the Present-Day Indigent Tracks charts. It peaked at few fifty-four on the U.S. Hot Digital Songs in 2005, nine years after first being released. The long story was nominated for the Transcribe of the Year and Best Indigent Bringing Off by a Duo or Set with Vocal at the Grammy Awards. Pitchfork Media included the long story at few 21 on their Top 200 Tracks of the 90s.

In a 1996 Perpetuate check out, Corgan indicated that «1979» was probably the only intimation he had for what the next Pumpkins album would bluster like, «something that combines technology, and a indigent sensibility, and pop, and whatever, and hopefully clicks. Between «Bullet with Butterfly Wings» and «1979» you have the bookends of Mellon Collie and the Bottomless Dejectedness. You've closely [heard] the end of the indigent inanimate object, and the start of the new thing».

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