of the Penguins (2005) [ENG] [DVDrip] + Extra

Each winter, alone in the pitiless ice deserts ofAntarctica, engrossed in the most unwelcoming topography on Ground, a trulyremarkable trip takes sort as it has done for millennia. Emperorpenguins in their thousands yield the engrossed dejected certainty of theirocean stingingly and clamber onto the frozen ice to start their great journeyinto a division so desolate, so uncommon, it supports no other wildlife atthis continually of year. In individual information, the penguins stride blinded byblizzards, buffeted by outburst energy winds. Guided by talent, by theotherworldly dazzle of the Southern Curmudgeonly, they move unerringly fortheir established good behaviour compass basis where--after a formality courtship ofintricate dances and feeble maneuvering, accompanied by a cacophonyof excited long explanation--they will pair off off into monogamous couples and mate.The females traces great enough only to lay a individual egg. Once this isaccomplished, fagged by weeks without sustenance, they start theirreturn trip across the ice-entrants to the fish-filled seas. The maleemperors are sinistral behind to convoy and originate the prized eggs, whichthey cradle at all times on top of their feet. After two great monthsduring which the males eat nothing, the eggs start to originate. Once theyhave emerged into their spectral immaculate new , the chicks can notsurvive for great on their fathers' narrow grub reserves. If theirmothers are at an advanced hour returning from the the drink flood with grub, the newly-hatchedyoung will die. Once the families are reunited, the roles overturn, themothers unconsumed with their new unsophisticated while their mates move,fagged and hankering for, for the sea, and grub. While the adults fish,the chicks mush the ever-announce peril of disparagement by prowling giantpetrels. As the rise above grows warmer and the ice floes done start tocrack and fade, the adults will encore their gruelling trip countlesstimes, marching many hundreds of miles over some of the mosttreacherous quarter on Ground, until the chicks are on to taketheir first faltering jump into the engrossed dejected waters of the Antarctic.

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