Amartya Sen - A Entity Reexamined - A Documentary - x264.AAC.350MB - [DDR]

Amartya Sen — A Entity Reexamined — A Documentary — x264.AAC.350MB — [DDR]

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Amartya Sen — A Mortal Reexamined (2002)
(A Documentary by Suman Ghosh)

DVD Rip — 350Mb — x.264/mkv

Amartya Sen — A Entity Reexamined — A Documentary — x264.AAC.350MB — [DDR]

Amartya Sen — A Entity Reexamined — A Documentary — x264.AAC.350MB — [DDR]

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Amartya Sen, Nobel Laureate (1998), only one of 7 Indians so honoured. [The others were Rabindranath Tagore (1913), Sir CV Raman (1930), Dr. Hargobind Khurana (1968), Subrahmaniam Chandrasekhar (1983), Dam Teresa (1979) and V Ramakrishna (2009)]. Philosopher, Economist, Humanist, Activist — fully Sen«s is a mortal fully of skilful intellect exploit. Suman Ghosh in this documentary, traces the blooming of his virtuoso and the flowering of his intellect scheme processes cash-box 2002 - from the days when, as a critic, he was captivated by a earmark by Kenneth Arrow to his sweet the Nobel Rate Highly in 1998. (People used to lay wagers that he would win the rate highly every year!). Since then he has gone on to bring off much more and has added venereal activism to his many faceted life»s work. That will perhaps be the essence of another Documentary.

The appellation of the Documentary is somewhat misleading. This is a documentary of Amartya Sen«s intellect exploit, and but for a few waif glimpses, we learn very little of Amartya Sen the man. Suman Ghosh tries to the hinterlands to the intellect occurrence of Amartya. but his effort does little more than taking the intellect achievements of Sen. Even there he makes but a summary effort to taking the at cock crow toil of Sen — his precedent-setting toil on need and famines for example. This is more a hagiography of Sen. Not really a deprecating awe of the man»s virtuoso.

It quite leaves out the weak Amartya Sen. We only see a little bit of his dam and learn a trifling little bit about his at cock crow encounter with cancer. There is no of the women in his mortal and the hold they had on him. Not a glimpse of Nabanita Deb-Sen or Emma Rothschild who had such skilful an burden on his mortal. There is nothing about his relations with his daughters. In factors, we only learn about the elevated aspects of Amartya Sen's mortal. It was probably the directors ambition to role of only this shard, but it does manage the documentary incomplete.

The appellation of the documentary should have been Amartya Sen — the Phylogeny of a Virtuoso. Not a re-inquisition of his mortal.

Uploader's Notes:
This is not one of my best rips. The colours in the basic was a bit washed out and I was trying to scold it using a set of new filters that I am not very usual with. (I think the gamma factors should have been controlled better). Since I didn't like the documentary very much, I gave up refining the rip after a while. The outcome is satisfactory by DDR standards but not something that I would crow about. Still, it is better that the basic and you should gain no gordian knot embarrassment in viewing it.

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