Béla Fleck - Overthrow Down Your Nerve (2008) DVD

Béla Fleck has break up most of his livelihood exciting the banjo into the time to come--i.e., away from what he calls «the cadaverous southern stereotype» and, with the help of his tie the Flecktones, into genres not normally associated with the gizmo--but with Break Down Your Focus, he goes in the vis- charge instructions, traveling to Africa to enquire into the banjo«s old roots. Joined by documentary filmmaker Sascha Paladino, Fleck journeys to Uganda, Tanzania, Gambia, and Mali, where he jams with (and records) a discrepancy of musicians (most of whom, ironically, have never so much as seen a banjo before), and the results are unswervingly lilting and joyous. In the Ugandan village of Nakisenyi, Fleck accompanies several locals playing a walloping marimba as others peep, impose, and highlight wood blocks. In a teeny Tanzanian township, he sits in with some folks playing the kalimba, or thumb piano, while in Dar es Salaam, that country»s largest big apple, he guests with an stirring tie with a philanthropic of Afro-Cuban reverberate. In Gambia he jams with a individual who plays a protracted-necked, three-stringed gizmo called the akonting, a stiff ancillary to of the banjo, and in Mali he meets vocalist Oumou Sangare, one of the country«s biggest stars. Fleck is rightly deferential in all instances, and the interaction between the musicians is ordinary and intuitive; the Africans may be blown away by his sterling craft, but they are no slouches themselves, so these are meetings between equals. There are ceremonial glances at other aspects of African sense of values and telling (such as the Tanzanian a horse dealings), but the music»s the fad, and if the predominating program doesn«t slake one»s yen for these wonderfully catching sounds, an hour of gratuity scenes and performances firmly will. Fleck and Paladino also role in an audio commentary run down. --Sam Graham

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