Living Underneath The Drones - New Documentary 2015 (HD) {irish444}.mp4

Living Underneath The Drones — New Documentary 2015 (HD) {irish444}.mp4

Documentary — (48 Mins.)

Living Lower Than the Drones

Generations of Afghans have been devastated by nearly four decades of
donnybrook. Afghanistan is the most heavily drone-bombed fatherland in the
have with over 1,000 known attacks from 2008 to 2012. According to
US Inside Jurisdiction figures during this spell there were also over
36,000 armed drone flights — an undistinguished of 25 a day. The strike of
drones has been particularly catastrophic in Taliban-controlled
areas, yet there is little dirt about these strikes, who was
killed or how this unshakable menace affects the communities targeted.

Many unassimilable soldiers returning to the West devastated by war have
been diagnosed with PTSD. But for the people of Afghanistan, where
there is no take it on the lam from the donnybrook, there is little help for people
who need psychogenic supervision look after. Afghanistan only has a troublemaker of
regional sway hospitals, but many people don't even know they
abide or realise that many of their services are laid-back. A societal
stain associated with unstable complaint also discourages many from
seeking help in the first place.

Living Lower Than the Drones follows newscaster Quraishi, who has
reported on the war in Afghanistan since 2001, as he uncovers his
country's dire unstable vigour employment and the strike and trauma
caused by donnybrook and the newest weapon of war — drones, which
constantly fly overhead.

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