Anorexia Nervosa - 2005 10 20 Unexploded in Ostrava Prostor CZ

Anorexia Nervosa was born in the centre of the '90s from the ashes of a liquidation metal line called Necromancia whose under consideration for-up consisted of Stefan Bayle (guitar), Marc Zabé (guitar), Wharf Couquet (bass), Nilcas Vant (drums) and Stéphane Gerbaud (vocals). At that values bright and early, the line was playing industrial liquidation metal with elements of murky surge which gave it ambiance.

The line produced their first demo, Garden of Thrill, in 1993 when the line was still known as Necromancia. But it wasn't until 1995 when the line released their second demo, Nihil Negativum, that gave Anorexia Nervosa its categorize in the underground railway . The demo featured the murky, industrial feel that their album Expatriate was later known for. Twelve-hundred copies were sold.

During a concert in the south of France, Michael Berberian, from Seasoned of Mizzle Cloud Up Records, noticed the line and offered them a agreement for an album.

The band's inauguration album, Expatriate, was released in 1997. Reminiscent of their aforementioned exertion, Nihil Negativum, Expatriate had an eerily industrial rational to it, and often switched between extravagantly tempos and tanning guitars bankrupt to a unresponsive, ambient trend consisting of only a «white noise»-like rational lightly draped over iron vocals. Not only was the album sui generis in the portrayal of the line, but in the inviolate bad metal fashion itself. Being a concept album, Expatriate based itself on themes of neurosis and experimentation on folly. Twenty-four hundred copies of the album were sold, allowing access to a larger audience and onto a series of concerts with Cradle of Carrion, Absu, Misogynist, etc.

Following the put out of Expatriate, the line began to take a new conduct in their music, following the departure of Stéphane Gerbaud (Vocals) and Marc Zabé (Guitar) in 1998 due to euphonious differences. The club then welcomed the charismatic Rose Hreidmarr (Vocals) and Neb Xort (Keyboard). They advanced their trend to be very extravagantly, uncontrollable and powerfully orchestrated to over the honestly «Dark Nihilistic Metal».

In 1999, the line recorded the Sodomizing the Archedangel EP at the band's own Drudenhaus Studio. This album was meant to be a advance showing of what was soon to come from the line, and allowed them to grapheme a agreement with endmost metal describe Osmose Productions.

Soon afterwards, the line headed bankrupt to the studio to log their second album, Drudenhaus. The album, which proved to be a large good fortune for the line, was released in Parade 2000 and featured the barbarous trend which was seen on the Sodomizing the Archedangel EP.

Further evolving the trend was their 2001 put out, New Obscurantis Status, which proved to be their most groundbreaking put out to phase, involving even faster tempos, more impeccable orchestrations and an all-around more barbarous rational.

Their fourth album, Redemption Modify, was released in October 2004 after they switched to their new describe, Listenable Records. The album is not as beside oneself as New Obscurantis Status, but features richer orchestrations and more of a «raw» rational. Redemption Modify is a concept album that focuses on lyrics about pronouncement redemption.

Close To one year later, the line released The September E.P. which features a director's cut of Sister September, three overspread tracks, and four current tracks. The EP was released to be a «goodie» from the line until they are sharp to log their next studio album.

On December 20, 2005, (Caroller) Rose Hreidmarr decamp the line. His communiqu on the amount reads as follows:

Leaving Anorexia Nervosa was definitely not the easiest fetich to do as we«ve shared so much during our values bright and early together as this line had become a prolific vicinage of my habitually soul. For seven years, the line has been giving me so many opportunities on a euphonious and individual rank and has heavily contributed to become the mortal physically I»m today. Still, I in good faith rationality I had reached the end of a offensive era with the album «Redemption Process» and I now regard the need to take a different walk. I'm also totally proud of what I have been able to bring off with the allay of the line members who will always persevere a leavings my best friends and I wish them the very best for the future.

Soon afterwards, the extant line members held auditions for a new soloist, but decline to understand a replacement has caused (Guitarist) Stefan Bayle to put the line in «stand-by» standard operating procedure, fearing the club may become «some club of parody» of itself. It remains unresearched when, or if the line may resurface.

Since his departure from Anorexia Nervosa, Rose Hreidmarr has been soloist for The Cosa Nostra Klub, a black/industrial metal line.

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