Wings of Soul (aka Pollen) 2011 1080p BluRay MULTIAUDIO x264 AC3 DTS-HDMA Shadoe mkv

So this is a exclusively built systematize. My kids watched this on netflix and I wanted to see a correct 1080p twin of this. Mournfully, only a 720p twin is floating around on here and it«s only in French (which is NOT stated in the About this effusion:, but blatantly says English). I Did some digging around the net (the «power» of google, LOL) and establish a string here on KAT where someone posted a tie to a French-effusion position that had a 1080p twin. Mournfully it was also ONLY in French. Searched the internet for subtitles and also nothing. Then I establish an NTSC DVD iso of the large screen with DD 5.1 idiolect tracks in Spanish, French, and ENGLISH (YAY!) that also contained English subtitles. The 1080p video roots was PAL (so at 25fps) and contained DTS-HDMA 5.1 French audio. I re-tempo»ed the French audio to NTSC skedaddle ( — 4.096% pulse altering in Audacity), then re-encoded the DTS-HDMA French Audio using the DTS-MA Number 2.6 program. Then I checked the audio from the DVD to see how it aligns with the BluRay and it was 65ms in the lead so I set a down of — 65ms for the English and Spanish audio so as NOT to re-encode them since they are lossy AC3 5.1 @ 384kbps. There are also PGS and SRT looks ENGLISH subtitles that are synced to the BluRay that I got off the Closed Captioning Subtitles that were on the NTSC DVD iso. Then muxed it all together with MKVmerge and here you go folks;)

IMHO, the 5.1 AC3 ferret out sounds ok (and it«s inordinate that it»s in English) but WOW that lossless 5.1 DTS-HDMA French ferret out is REMARKABLE! In accomplishment, I watched it with the English subtitles and was contented with it that way because the lossy AC3 just doesn«t do all the sounds of character any incarceration. I checked to see if I can scram a exclusively English lossless ferret out using the French DTS-HDMA ferret out and just removing the center ditch (since that»s where most of the vocals usually are) but there is a ton of «bleading» of the French voiceover in Fa and Uplift channels so that was a no-go :(

Either way, here's a 1080p twin of the large screen, with ENGLISH 5.1 audio and ENGLISH subtitles!

Delight In and don't think of to seed;)

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