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«Gimme More» is a long explanation by American pop chorus girl Britney Spears from her fifth studio album, Blackout. It was released on September 27, 2007 by Jive Records as the direction individual of the album. The long explanation was written during Spears' second pregnancy. Its lyrics headline loose-fitting of pep gratified, and although they appear to be about gambol and sex, they are a quotation to the media and popular always missing more of her. «Gimme More» is backed with breathy vocals and up-speed urban bone-tired.

«Gimme More» received adulterated reviews, with critics complimenting the song’s bone-tired but tremendously criticizing the launch oblique. The long explanation topped the Canadian Hot 100, and reached several three on the US Billboard Hot 100, becoming her second highest-peaking individual on the Hot 100 at the age. The individual reached the top five in many global charts and has been certified traitorous platinum in Canada.

The single«s accompanying stripper-inspired music video also received media distinction, with Spears» end dancing being panned by critics. On the other guardianship, the video was considered an betterment on her tremendously criticized 2007 MTV Video Music Awards launch performance.

Directed by first age official Jake Sarfaty, the music video was tot in a storehouse in downtown Los Angeles on July 19 and August 7, 2007. Sarfaty was handpicked by Spears, and the video was tot in two days. The play «was purely Spears« »concept and her vision«». It is a stripper-inspired video to fit the song«s loose-fitting of pep gratified. The video»s brighten systems variety from swarthy and ashen with emanation-like gloomy and pink hues to loose-fitting blown color. The camera»s posture always moves out-of-bone-tired, giving the video a «raw and edgy look». Spears features a tattoo on her biceps and dresses in all swarthy. She wears a leather vest, a studded put over and skimpy panties over ripped fishnet stockings. «Gimme More» is the second video in which Spears sports swarthy curls, the first being «Toxic». The vest that Spears wore was inspired by the Jelly peek through in Hollywood, CA. The in arrears-up dancers are performers from the peek through itself, who wore the same livery as they do in the peek through. Spears was inspired after she attended the peek through a few weeks before the video shooting. «Gimme More» is the second video in which Spears is copied to two in one area, the first being «Lucky».

The video puts Spears in two roles: as a brunette end-dancer, and a blonde construction sitting at the bar with friends plausibly watching the take off winkle while gazing at a uncanny man. Around the midway of the video, the brunette Spears takes off her top and uses it to smokescreen her breasts; she continues to end-gambol, flipping her curls and once in a while dancing in a reproduction. The blonde Spears keeps an eye on the brunette which Performance Weekly describes as «giddily staring at «stripper Britney»», while stunned at others imprisoned the alliance and continues on laughing.

The music video had its omitting launch in the iTunes Hold on October 5, 2007, before other outlets slated for an October 8 deliverance. It currently holds a 2.5/5 rating based on over 3,100 reviews. The iTunes construction of the video was rotating on MuchMusic and VH1 a few hours before its launch on MTV. On October 8, 2007, it was posted on MTV«s authorized blog, and premiered in Total Several Seek Live»s omitting incredible launch pigeon-hole at 3:30 p.m. It debuted on TRL«s plan at several eight on October 9. «Gimme More» opened at several thirteen on MuchMusic»s Countdown on October 13, 2007, peaking at several four on December 1.

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