Concealed Secrets - Faction 32 - UFOs Angels and God

Age of Pretence: Fallen Angels and the New Happy Group:
Is there a kin between UFO's, from abductions, channeling spirits, demonic possessions, the new age repositioning, encoded societies, and satanism? In Age of Pretence: Fallen Angels and the New Happy Group, we winnow why the New Happy Group and the Worldwide Elite are tirelessly working to decorum a One Happy Oversight and who they are getting this instruction from. Featuring Douglas Hamp ( and Christ Light-Skinned (

UFOs Angels and God III — The Obscured Reality Demons devils Fallen Angels:
Are UFO's real? The denote would say yes. What are they? And where do they come from?

Giants Revealing the Agenda, Parts One & Two:
Gary and L.A. on their examination about the nephilim. This every so often old-fashioned focusing on the structures that may have been built by giants. Also examined are various archeological discoveries of the gone and forgotten that have been obscured from consumers look at, like an UNBORN nephilim fetus still in mother«s womb that has both an elongated skull and fully formed teeth. Or giants 12-13 feet overdone removed from museum displays around the happy. How were the Nazi»s involved? Why the coverup and what's their agenda?

The Vatican & Aliens 2013:
«... that this uncorrupted group could be imply of one of the biggest engulf-ups in UFO experiences. . . .the church is getting handy to employ outside of planet globe as imply of the cosmos. According to UFO theorists, the Vatican has crazed experience of from lifetime, for centuries . . . »

April 8th (2005) at 6:03 AM hours before John Paul«s inhumation, an unfamiliar flying disapprove of is filmed by a care camera observing St Peter»s Basilica. Could this uncanny disapprove of be denote of a kin between the Vatican and from life? A kin that theorists and historians believe has existed since the the cosmos of the {RCC} church.

Giordanao Bruno . . . suggesting that branch dictates lifetime on other planets. . . . in 1600, Bruno was base red-faced of heresy and burned at the tie up. . . . the first individual in experiences executed by the [RCC] for opinion in Extraterrestrials . . . . . . was Bruno sacrificed to engulf up a encoded the church has allegedly obscured for the gone and forgotten 1500 years?

Secrets, secrets, and more secrets... change for the Vatican's coming consumers freeing stating from lifetime is trustworthy and then change «to be assimulated.» All imply of the «new age» agenda for the end-times. Coming soon to a theater near you! Are you ready? «God forgives, Jesus saves!»

The Vaticans UFO From Psyop with Leo Zagami:
Some say the Vatican has an department for Jesuits to encourage their UFO/ET psyop. Zecharia Sitchen is reported to vocation out of it as imply of a pysop within the Vatican's Illuminati Encoded Loftier Classes.

The Vatican runs the mainstream media through the CFR in New York. They stage the Sci-fi Neck. There's no confirmation for any ET, and loads of denote against. It has never been observed off planet. Leo Zagami talks a bit about the Vatican ...

While Leo Zagami has a working experience of the Vatican and their Templar military knights--Freemasonry as a former 33rd magnitude Freemason and Illuminati Insider, he is not a Christian thus cannot or, more appropraitely, does not rationalize what the Vatican's intention in perpetrating this leviathan hoax.

UFO Stratagem:
PITN's Gary and Billy Crone debate the spurious feather of UFOS and Billy also provides his testimony.
http://www.prophecyinthenews.comose members allegedly included many leaders of the Nazi Fete, even Hitler himself. Written by Matt Bennett.

Edgar Fouche — From Pleasure:
Edgar Fouche's character 1998 debut of «Alien Rapture» to the Universal UFO Congress. In this debut, Fouche discusses topics covered in his publication «Alien Rapture» deailing with UFO encounters and top encoded oversight UFO airships, defense projects and technology, and coming agendas -- most signally, the From Pleasure to engulf-up the prophecied Christian Pleasure that the U.N. will disapprobation on a worldwide from abduction.

UFO Whoop-De-Do to achieve us into a New Happy Group:
Over the gone and forgotten 60 years we have been bombarded with hints that we have been or are being visited by aliens and many many UFO's but now it seems many think that this is a carefully planned fraudulent festoon decompose to achieve the happy under one in check shape by means of an outside warning, then the people will allow their ease to be take away to keep then permissible. 2012? every so often old-fashioned will tell...

Old Angelic Technologies, The Shrewdness of the Ancients:
In this debut from our Orlando Forecasting Acme, Richard Shaw looks at the archeological denote of old technology and presents the wrapper for it being handed down by the fallen angels described in the publication of Genesis. You can buy the loaded set of presentations on DVD by going to our online bookstore at

It has taken seven years to get to, nomadic to three continents and fourteen countries. There are Many clips of UFOs taken instantly from the cameras aboard the Gap Commute — never before seen by any fellow of the consumers. This coating exposes the firm feather of NASA and the encoded gap programme.

More than that, It exposes the involvement of Aleister Crowley, Satanists and foremost ranking FreeMasons in the Apollo Moon Missions. We then way profound middle Russia and learn of From Technology designed to Delve Into the «soul» of an abducted individual. We thoroughly dissect solemn NASA footage Of UFOs being vaccination at in gap by encoded weapons on the ground... And be being presented for The first every so often old-fashioned NASA footage of a number Of spear-carrier-earth-woman lights which «dance» And convey messages to the troupe of The Gap Commute, whilst hovering In the loftier heavens. This is the First coating ever made which exposes the continuous ENCODED GAP WAR. Directed by: Chris Everard

From Intrusion UFOs and the Growing Kin:
From the Old of Days First Christian Symposium on Aliens Meeting, filmed in Roswell, New Mexico. DVDs available on a name-your-own-consequence largesse base at

From Intrusion: UFOs and the Growing Connection
with Gary Bates

Gary Bates is the CEO of The Cosmos Ministries Universal (CMI) Worldwide, which has offices in 7 countries. It is believed that CMI employs more scientists than any other Christian framework. Their specialty is in dealing with the continuous the cosmos vs. growing examination and to highlight the venereal ills of unrestrained evolutionism. A well -travelled universal demagogue, Bates resides in Australia and has been speaking on the creation/evolution efflux since 1990. He was once an evolutionist, but is now fully convinced of the immature-globe creationist fix. He has a fundamentals to vibrate on the same frequency this info at a lay even so more can become convinced about the amount to veracity of Holy Writ. In late-model years, Gary has undertaken expert winnow into the UFO spectacle and associated extraterrestrial beliefs. Gary has written the top 50 bestseller «Alien Intrusion : UFOs and the Growing Connection». This solitary publication provides biblical answers to the enigmatical questions regarding UFOs and lifetime on other planets. Gary is also on the article pikestaff and a fortnightly contributor to The Cosmos magazine.

Gods of the New Age (1984):
Dogma Exposed Brainwashing, Wavering Be Decided In Check, Yoga Meditation, and Psychotherapy 1984. The Best Video on the New Age Repositioning ever made. An eye-break coating of the Yoga Meditation, Eastern Mysticism, PsychologiaI Treatment, Self-Help, Wavering Be Decided In Check and much more... Expores the ghostly happy of ego-loony gurus and their western counterpats, New Agers. The unalterable vocation. Explores its lineage, its storming, and its signification on western loftier classes. It explores the idolater roots of eastern mysticism, meditation, yoga, and more. An eye-break hazard subject to of the New Age repositioning.

Shows how it was conceived in the 1960«s at a planning term by Hindu gurus in India as a means of converting Americans to Eastern mysticism. The plausibly innocuous devices used stretch from Yoga meditation to a opinion in reincarnation. We are given an incredible middle glimpse into cult mentality and fatuous observance, and we see how an quite decompose against stock American beliefs has been successfully launched, not only from Hindu missionaries, but from na Americans who have accepted the integument manifestations of this dogma as and fun. The coating covers the chilling parallels between the opinion shape in today»s New Age subculture and that in Hitler«s Third Reich two generations ago. 1 hour 43 minutes.»

With tense facts, it explains why yoga, meditation, subliminal treatment and self-help are turning millions to a idolater worldview. This coating expores the ghostly happy of ego-loony gurus and their western counterpats, New Agers. In a series of excepting, plain interviews, we divide up the thoughts of «master» and eyewitness the mindless prayer and fatuous observance of «disciple.» Gods of the New Age takes us from a clandestine, sixties planning congregation held by Indian gurus to today«s sober U.S corridors, American schoolrooms and Christian churctes. The coating uncovers the chilling paralels between today»s Western erudition. and the nearly the same ambience that bred Hitler's Third Reich a epoch ago! «This is the most vigorous Christian documentary I have ever seen!» --Rabi Maharaj, prime mover of The Dying of a Guru THE NEW AGE REPOSITIONING, YOGA, HELL-HOUND IDOLIZE: THE FOMENT OF SATANISM and EVOLUTION

Megiddo I — The Step to Armageddon:
Megiddo: The Step to Armageddon explores Bible forecasting concerning the last day empire prophesied in the Old and New Testaments. Built upon decades of probe and resolute Biblical teachings of leading researchers, this documentary unfolds:
— The way God uses forecasting to affirm His existence
— Fraudulent forecasting according to the Bible
— The express feather of God's firm prophecies in the books of Daniel and Revelation
— Elements of forecasting today that set our every so often old-fashioned apart from centuries past
— The value of Israel as «God's Timepiece»
— The recorded experiences of the New Happy Group through:

— The inauguration of a evil connivance in Bavaria, involving encoded societies
— The obscured agenda of these societies to spoil the Truth and rout all established authority
— The French Revolt, Jacobin Clubs & basis of «depopulation» programs
— Jacobin repositioning in America during the days of the founding fathers
— Thomas Jefferson and his hatred for the Truth of Karl Marx, Satanism & the Russian Revolution
— The 130-year old expect for «Three Happy Wars» and the Brawl of Armageddon

— The evil connivance of nations, kings and rulers «against the Peer and against His Christ» according to
Psalm 2:1-2, News 17:14 and 19:19
— Quotes from vigorous men of experiences who have vocal of the need for happy oversight and a New Happy Order
— Splendour-of-the-art 3D graphics that forearm visual aid for:

Nebuchadnezzar's fancy of an symbol representing four happy empires
— The fourth animal of Daniel's prophecy
— The seven headed animal of News 13
— Enigma Babylon the Immense o Antichrist
— The Fraudulent Prophet

These graphics were specifically designed with pastors and teachers in wavering be decided, who have one's heart set on visual be supportive of for their teachings on these subjects.

Megiddo II — The New Age:
The Lie of the Serpent is the second imply of the factious Megiddo series, which next focuses on the hugely leading New Age repositioning. But is the New Age really new? Or does it imitate the old dogma taught by the serpent to Eve in the Garden of Eden? The respond will unsettle and dumbfound you as you learn the connections of the serpent's teaching through the uncorrupted bang of uncanny undertaking in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Some of the greatest and most recognized people of the new-fashioned era (including Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison, Adolf Hitler and Hillary Clinton) have been influenced by the repositioning that has re-awakened mankind's communication with the anima sphere, and re-shaped the Western look at of God and His relationship to mankind. What are the implications of this «paradigm shift» that seeks to interpose a new worldwide consciousness? Will this new consciousness really achieve mankind into the dawning of a gilt era? Or the awakening of another misty age?

Loaded of hugely inclusive winnow and comprehensive documentation, Megiddo II challenges even the most skeptical viewer to consider the consequence of the worldwide awakening enchanting responsibility before our very eyes.

Be Contiguous speakers Dave Check Out, Caryl Matrisciana, Dr. Kent Hovind, Father Joe Schimmel, and Dr. Stan Monteith who hazard subject to the repositioning that seeks to fix mankind in a one-happy dogma through the Of Like Intellect Nations.

Worldwide adherents contend to await a “universal Christ” to cause the happy. What happens to those who will not string this happy leader? And are there evil warnings against those who withhold to be “initiated” into the New Age.

The Coming From Savior Stratagem with Sid Roth, Tom Horn & Cris Putnam:
On April 8, 2013... Following hot on the trace of the Forecasting of the Popes, this is one of the wildest uploads. If you REALLY want to know the REALITY about what Daniel«s 70th Week (Bible Prophecy»s unalterable 7 years before the requital of Rescuer) will REALLY look like... this is your video. If you advance keeping your top a intercept in the sand about the end-times events foretold by the scriptures... go to YouTubes ostrich corner and dig yourself a rip. This is not for you.

Authors and researchers Thomas Horn and Cris Putnam sit down with Sid Roth to debate the deepest, darkest secrets of the Vatican; how the unalterable prophesied Pope (Francis) may be the trustworthy Fraudulent Of Doom Cassandra of biblical fame; who will usher in the Antichrist and his worldwide fraudulent religion; and how a whacking immense worldwide stratagem from gap is at the handy for the function-pleasure cataclysm.

up! This ain't a kiddie annoy!

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