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Time Traveling with Brian Unger

Description Documentary hosted by Brian Unger, published by Make Trough UK in 2015 - English narration


Time Traveling with Brian Unger
Brian Unger goes where peasant travellers can«t, using eye-popping CGI to visually make side with in stretch and tell stories you won»t judge in guidebooks. Brian serves as the decisive make example, prepossessing locals to iconic landmarks and revealing histories we never knew.

1) SF«s Advantageous Gateway & NY»s Tallest Five and Dime
Brian revisits the Peerless Recess in San Francisco, where an wonderful make de valid of engineering resulted in the Advantageous Passage Tie. Afterward, he heads to New York Municipality to see how the first edifice to scrabble make obeisance the sky has transformed from 1913 to today.

2) Cowboys, Cops, Corrals & Split Vegas Opulence
Brian travels side with to the Unmanageable West in Cenotaph, AZ, to see where the loathsome OK Corral gunfight really took rank. Then, he hits the streets of 1940s Las Vegas to see «divorce ranches» and how celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe secretly got divorced.

3) Monuments Man and Tramping through Hollywood
Brian travels side with in stretch to 1884 in Washington, DC, to see how a swamp turned into the Citizen Mall and to learn the excuse behind the US Capitol's construction. Then, he takes locals tramping through Hollywood, CA, in search of the recondite filming locations and studios of Charlie Chaplin.

4) Self-Rule Bell Evade and Recondite Pass Treasures
Brian Unger takes locals on an affair to uncover the histories of 2 dramatically different landscapes. First, he shows them the bootlegged make of the Self-Rule Bell through Pennsylvania; then, he travels to Arizona to review the stories of the Splendid Canyon's ago.

5) Lincolns Lollapalooza on the Run
Brian takes locals side with to Washington, DC, at the end of the Laic War to reinforce the evade way of President Lincoln's assassin, John Wilkes Box. They shroud in a pine spinney, row across the Potomac River, and pop in a unusual gathering of tennis courts.

6) Pocahontas & Eradication Valley Scotty
Brian and his guests «travel» to 1607 in Jamestown, VA, where the first English working-out was built and Pocahontas was married. Brian then heads to Eradication Valley, CA, to see a scam artist and learn why many flocked to the unforgiving feel in the belatedly 1900s.

7) Rockets Red Radiance & Rockin' LA Hotels
Brian takes his guests to Baltimore to «witness» the most venerable clash during the War of 1812 and to pop in the birthplace of our citizen anthem. Next, he enters Hollywood and rattle «n» bread-roll description in the old hotels of Los Angeles.

8) Eye of the Sirocco, Rise of Child
Brian and his «time travellers» pop in Galveston, TX, to learn about the deadliest typhoon in US description. The gathering then travels to America's oldest municipality, St. Augustine, FL, to get a soup of in the 1500s and search for the Rise of Child.

9) AZ Diamondbacks & Hohokam
Stretch periods crash as Brian and locals pop in the Arizona Diamondbacks' maytime-training alacrity, where Pre-Eminent Ally Baseball meets an ageing Inherited American ploy. Brian throws the first set and is joined by Luis Gonzalez and Eric Byrnes.

10) Breaking Barriers & Sherman's Procession to the Sea
Brian and his guests pop in the Mojave Waste and learn who had «the Right Stuff» at Edwards Air Valid Shoddy in the 1940s. Then, they make to Atlanta to revisit the end of the Laic War, when Gen. William Sherman made his lethal «March to the Sea.»

11) Take Off Men
Brian and his guests make side with to the 1960s and «70s to see where the Type was won, Neck Canaveral, FL. They pop in NASA»s real duty knob, the found knob center and the VAB (Means Host Edifice), where rockets are still put together.

12) Bonnie & Clyde & All that Jazz in NOLA
Brian and his guests reinforce the straggle of America's most loathsome and perfidious brace, Bonnie and Clyde. After that, they top a intercept to New Orleans to bystander the parturition of what many say is an American art figure, jazz, on a riverboat and at a venerable boondocks community hall.

13) Riding Coney Key HDTV x264
Brian takes locals side with to the belatedly 1800s to see Coney Key, NY, in all its real radiance. Then, he heads west to revisit the Spanish American War and review the birthplace of San Francisco, the former military shoddy known as the Presidio.

14) Mob Participate in Miami
Brian Unger researches the that Al Capone led in Miami after leaving his shady Chicago ago behind. He relives Capone«s whirl and takes an elegant make of his mansion. Then, he gets the private exclusive from Scarface»s niece.

15) Key West Defense & Nola Poach
Brian and locals review what Key West was like in the tenderness-stopping days of the Cuban Brickbat Disaster. Then, he heads to New Orleans to relive the bold excuse of dishonourable poach Jean Lafitte in the at 1800s.

16) Billy the Kid & Atomic Description
Brian and locals take New Mexico by sirocco, riding in the hoofprints of Unmanageable West title Billy the Kid. Then they pop in the Manhattan Projects top-stealthily military area, where scientists built and tested the first atomic bomb.

17) Kentucky Horses and Bourbon
Brian and locals come across two Kentucky traditions, horse racing and bourbon. They veer off the Bourbon Straggle to the birthplace of the American beverage, and then gallop side with in stretch to bluegrass horse boondocks for a pop in with Secretariat.

18) Paul Worship & the Anarchists in Boston
Brian travels to Boston to bust the mythos of Paul Revere's Midnight Knob and call attention to detective on the whirl and rendering of Sacco and Vanzetti in the 1920s. The Italian anarchists were charged for the stroke of luck of two men.


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