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Barbarians Rising

Record Documentary hosted by Michael Ealy, published by Record Furrow in 2016 - English narration


Barbarians Rising
Barbarians Rising tells the epic roman-fleuve of the upward slope and slope of the Roman Empire from the viewpoint of the yob leaders who brought it down; a expensive-colliding, visceral tour into the understanding of their rebellions against out-and-out power. The Roman Empire called them «barbarians» — tribes beyond the outskirts of enlightenment that a na, brutish living. But they are also some of the fiercest warriors in record — men and women who rose up to hold at bay so that they might self-governed, or die. The four-role docu-dramatic art reveals the precise story-line of the 700-year engage for primacy, a engage for immunity that would likeness the cosmos to come. Featuring fully dramatized portrayals of icons including Hannibal, Spartacus, Arminius, Boudica and Attila alongside an eclectic batch of experts and contributors, Barbarians Rising reveals the precise record behind the legends.
This is a Docudrama

1) Rebelliousness
Series debut of a docudrama that chronicles the recusant tribes that brought down the Roman Empire. In the opener, An epic 700-year engage for immunity begins as the barbarians upward slope against Rome; Hannibal builds a recusant unity and conquers the Alps; the escort Viriathus unleashes a fluctuate of rebelliousness to conserve his people from devastation.

2) Insurrection
Rome brings its enemies interior its borders as the age of Empire begins; Spartacus leads a slave-girl revolt that threatens Rome on its own turf; Arminius, Germania's first son raised as a Roman, must opt a side in the engage for immunity.

3) Her Own Coin
Arminius unites the tribes and engineers an lay in wait infect to byway Rome out of Germania; Boudica unleashes bloody wildly on the Empire; Rome's bad faith of the Goths ends in an apocalyptic clash.

4) Breakup
Alaric's Goths the push Rome; Attila the Hun seizes power through entropy and devastation while the barbarians disquiet in for the despatch. The Vandal crowned head, Geiseric, masterminds the end of Rome; the Empire falls.


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