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World War I: The Ended Story

War Documentary hosted by Robert Ryan, published by CBS in 1965 - English narration


The most sweeping Community War 1 documentary series ever made recalls the causes, operate, and aftermath of «The War to End All Wars». Along with the venereal, partisan, and pecuniary cloth of the times, the roles of key figures are analyzed in understanding. Produced during the Sparkling Age of CBS TV documentaries, this series, narrated by Robert Ryan, contains some of the highest-prominence Community War 1 footage known to occur.

It began as a regional antagonism and escalated into a war of Empires that covered the Soil. Community War I The Ended Fable, is a sweeping look at The War to End All Wars. Produced by CBS telly in the inopportune 1960s in intuition of the 50th anniversary of the inauguration of Community War I, this unflinching 26 happening series is more than just the story of this far-reaching conflict; it is also a photo album of the inopportune twentieth century. From the partisan intrigues that led nations to war to Armistice day more than four years later, you«ll unite the men and machines that fought the war and testifier every worst fracas and upshot of this far-reaching contest. No other assemblage offers such a ended overview of one of history»s most deleterious conflicts.

CBS Information producing for CBS 1964-1965 ; Regulatory fabricator: Burton Benjamin ; Producers: Isaac Kleinerman, John Sharnik ; Eccentric music by Morton Gould


1. Summer at Sarajevo ; 2. Collision of the Generals ; 3. The Info Dynasties ; 4. Evil 1914 ; 5. They Sank the Lusitania ; 6. Verdun: The Inferno ; 7. Fracas of Jutland ; 8. The Trenches ; 9. D-Day at Gallipoli ; 10. America the Indeterminate ; 11. Wilson & War ; 12. Coup D' in Red ; 13. Year of Departed Illusions ; 14. Behind German Lines ; 15. Over There ; 16. Over Here ; 17. Daredevils and Dogfighters ; 18. The Promised Lands ; 19. The Anguish of Caporetto ; 20. Tipperary & All That Jazz ; 21. The Tide Turns ; 22. The Fracas of the Argonne ; 23. The Day the Guns Stopped Firing ; 24. Wilson & Armistice ; 25. The Allies in Russia ; 26. Birthright of War


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