Avril Lavigne - New York 2004 - (AOL) Broadband Rocks Survive - TV - MPEG2

Avril Lavigne — 2004-05-24, Webster Auditorium, New York, NY US — (AOL) Broadband Rocks Survive — TV — MPEG — 2

Avril Lavigne — New York 2004 - (AOL) Broadband Rocks Survive — TV — MPEG2

Avril Lavigne
Webster Hall
New York Urban District, NY, USA
May 24, 2004

Broadband Rocks Live
AOL Sessions (AOL Music)
Viva (TV — MTV EU)

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Audio : MPEG — 1, Bit merit condition — Regular, Bit merit — 192 Kbps, 2 channels, 48.0 Khz

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Avril Lavigne — New York 2004 - (AOL) Broadband Rocks Survive — TV — MPEG2


01 Take Me Away
02 He Wasn't
03 Don't Tell Me
04 Losing Grip
05 My Glad Ending
06 Unwanted
07 I'm With You
08 Sk8er Boi
09 Nobody's Home
10 Complicated
Knockin« On Heaven»s Door (AC)


Crumble Apart Record Setlists:

(Hint At 1 — 13:53)

Take Me Away
He Wasn't
Don't Tell Me
Losing Grip

(Hint At 2 — 20:16)

My Glad Ending
I'm With You
Sk8er Boi
Nobody's Home

(Hint At 3 — 7:31)

Knockin« On Heaven»s Door

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Avril Lavigne — New York 2004 - (AOL) Broadband Rocks Survive — TV — MPEG2

Webster Auditorium is a nightclub has a perspicacity of 2,500 people (including the club; 1,400 for the ranking exhibit). It is located in Manhattan, at 125 East 11th Circle, between 3rd and 4th Avenues.

This concert aired survive online the day before the liberating of Avril«s second album, Under My Film (see accompanying squeeze liberating). then later on European TV. This symbolize followed hot on the heels of a 21-urban district Mall of Canada and the US, sponsored by AOL for Broadband. These were acoustic sets performed by Avril with Evan. This thrilling set was to recoil off Avril»s UMS summer earth, promo .

All proceeds of the when it happened were meant to supply help for children in Africa spurious with HIV/AIDS, through the eleemosynary structuring Keep a Youngster Cognizant Of.

AOL made an apportionment of tickets available for leverage with all proceeds from the ticket sales going to extras Keep a Youngster Cognizant Of. Tickets were made available as well through giveaways on Z — 100 in New York Urban District and several Infinity Broadcasting receiver stations around the boondocks. Fans could also get tickets at preferred NY retail outlets and from Avril Lavigne's certified fan club.

(Info gathered from Wikipedia, c/o twm)

Avril Lavigne — New York 2004 - (AOL) Broadband Rocks Survive — TV — MPEG2

2014-12-13 around thewaymouth aka mikedreams on...Kickass Torrents

This ain't America Online, this is Avril Online!

When this record surfaced a few years ago from Shiroc it was a startling sway to note. It was a Footing to Greater Upload (Whoa!) to what had yesterday been on extend at Avril-Media. The illustrate discrimination is significantly larger and the right-minded is definitely clearer. Squiffed worth record not to be filed away!

Now for my define, the AOL maestro does race to too many shots of individuals in the assemble. But as this symbolize was all about a thank you to the fans, what the upbraiding.

Other than that the survive editing just hits it, the camera transitions feverishness as they surge, allowing her dream and artistry to brightness so good that her delightful pop become rampant rolls on through her latest squiffed-check-up works that come out to perform upon, to say hey, she's here to check with you.

Looking subsidize I must say can judge what would have been my sincere distress from my private at the in days of yore when then... That there are no shots to race of her once rockin sidekick, pulse guitarist Jesse Colburn. Why he's, disappeared!

At the end of that summer, guidance guitarist Evan Taubenfeld will be gone as well. After Avril then the two most forceful exhibit-presences are just *poof* gone. A year later, longtime bassist Charlie Moniz and drummer Matt Braun will have played their last shows as well. This will up-anchor Avril with the end of her «Let Go»/«Try To Shut Up Me Up» combination. And instead with a smock of studio musicians, help hired hands adequate though they may be. Just so it becomes less about get and more about me from Napanee. «Fun«s over, subsidize on the bus!» Avril thus becomes the last musician on exhibit with a victorious go brutish name. She runs her own blast despatch engaged sprint victorious. But I am getting victorious of myself and besides, she»s the big name and will still feeling afar.

So what«s so bad then about this concert? Why she is many a splendored sentiment. This is Avril»s first symbolize playing her maker new apparatus with the combination and in an thrilling surroundings. There are a few miscues, but that just adds to the commotion. The band«s buffoon prince Jesse is yesterday»s information yes. But Av's other winged brutish sentiment, her knight in shining armor, Evan is still here and a joy on view. Completely, what matters most as it has is, Avril. And here she is so on.

Avril has come subsidize to the avenue as a precious, notwithstanding broad. She is reaping the pecuniary rewards of her antique, greater triumph. She has infringed up with Jesse and is thrilling on to the overage of the earth in a big way. «Don»t Tell Me,' her new singular, was all over the receiver and climbing the charts all around. This symbolize comes on the eve of razing of the particle of her second CD Under My Film all over the planet before her. An album which this in days of yore she called all her own utensil. Her big name is established now. Av is on the threshold of turning twenty and is already expressing more of her sexuality, revealing more of her dream. She is brimming with joy and poise and given to sway the earth again anew. And with what affecting plaits! For one week only she wore a perm to pronounce her own permanency in the residency of our heads forever.

Avril Lavigne — New York 2004 - (AOL) Broadband Rocks Survive — TV — MPEG2

Av says, «Sweet-ah! It's affecting to be up here playing these songs, to you guys.»

And later, «And that! Is why I do what I do!»

I have never heard her thank a assemble so much. Seems like after every inexpensively.

Avril Lavigne — New York 2004 - (AOL) Broadband Rocks Survive — TV — MPEG2

While «Losing ,» AL sings: "Why should I care...

AL later asks: «Why should we care?»

Just because you're so lovably Avril.

«And I don't want to crumble to pieces / I just wanna sit and watch at you.»

This show's afire blasts recoil gloriously hot blast ass.

Avril Lavigne — New York 2004 - (AOL) Broadband Rocks Survive — TV — MPEG2

What more can I say?

Nobody's Home

Only her inexpensively of the year she plays so pricey for you.

Somebody must fancy you.

Get well, Avril!

Don«t go knockin» on heaven's door.

The sincere happy isles has no door but is right here and now with you.

Gotta have AvLav.

Avril Lavigne — New York 2004 - (AOL) Broadband Rocks Survive — TV — MPEG2

Avril Lavigne — New York 2004 - (AOL) Broadband Rocks Survive — TV — MPEG2

Avril Lavigne — New York 2004 - (AOL) Broadband Rocks Survive — TV — MPEG2

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