Gorosthane Sabdhan - DVDRip - 720p - x264 - [DDR]

Gorosthane Sabdhan — DVDRip — 720p — x264 - [DDR]

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Gorosthane Sabdhan (2010)
(A cover by Sandip Roy)

Upscaled DVD rip — 2.2GB (1/2 DVD) — 720p-X.264

Gorosthane Sabdhan — DVDRip — 720p — x264 - [DDR]

Gorosthane Sabdhan — DVDRip — 720p — x264 - [DDR]

Gorosthane Sabdhan — DVDRip — 720p — x264 - [DDR]

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Tech Specifications:
Gorosthane Sabdhan — DVDRip — 720p — x264 - [DDR]

Gorosthane Sabdhan — DVDRip — 720p — x264 - [DDR]

When the newspapers communication that a man was injured in a Kolkata Necropolis, Feluda is interested and goes to study. There he finds a press together with some nebulous anagrams. The search for the p leads feluda to review the lives of the old Anglo-Indian communities in Kolkata and in particular to the narration of the Godwin next of kin. In the course of action he discovers how a unsmiling was desecrated to appropriate a next of kin heirloom... the Perigal Repeater..

Feluda is Feluda and needs few comments, but this one is a bit faithful. It has a new Topshe in Saheb Bhattacharya. He looks brand-new and just what one would watch Topshe to be. Sabyasachi as Feluda has started looking his age, even though he is more detrimental and functioning in this cover. But he, even more than Soumitra, is what I watch Feluda to be and so he just walks into our hearts again.

Some of the side characters are capital, such as Tinu Anand as Marcus Godwin (or Markis Sahib). Pradip Mukherjee as Naren Biswas is conspicuous and Dhritimans Mahadeb is quite delicate and deadly even if a bit theatrical.

I really have nothing against this cover except a few particular grouses. I just don«t like Feluda in new times — he uses the intenet, Lalmohanbabu»s car is not an legate and so on. My Feluda lived in Kolkata of the 70«s when Chung-Wah was all the go off the deep end and Bourne and Sheppard hadn»t burned down. The new avatar is for the masses, but this cover, exploring as it does the old Anglo-Indian families, brought in times past my yearnings for the ol Feluda to the forefront. The Feluda o spakling wit and repartee.

I must talk about the consummate editing of Subrata Ray. He unobstrusively keeps the communication flowing and does not allow the cover to obstruct at any podium. Since this romance is more about footwork than activity, there was a different plausibility of it becoming stale. It never does. The screenplay tries to grab Satyajit Ray's novella expressly, but I consideration some of the comical bits (Arkis and Markis for example) did not really come through.

A very enjoyable cover nevertheless.

Uploader's Notes:
Why am I uploading a 2010 film? a DVD rip was uploaded more thn a year ago and a VCD rip is also doing the rounds! So why upload another? I had quite a few reasons really. GS is the only Feluda fulm I hadn«t ripped and some people had sent a entreaty for a rip. Then too there wasn»t a 720p rip anywhere on the net. At The Last Moment, the rips that I have seen were consummate but I consideration there is still time for a sharp mark rip and upload.

So here it is folks. One year unpunctually and after the next Feluda cover has already been released! But a veritable DDR rip of GS, both in 720p as well as 700MB MKV. In both I have preserved the eccentric astute and the video mark of the 700MB rip is very nice,

even if I say so myself :-p:-)


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