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One's Nearest Guy — «The Elimination Denier»
«It seems the Jewish Mafia is paying closer acclaim to me these days. As reported at the Jewish Newspaper, they incriminate us that one John Alan Martinson Jr. is not just a run-of-the-everyday anti-Semite but a basic elimination denier (superficially a cut living thing physical than just a plane anti-Semite). In their article entitled »Family Guy« attacked by Elimination Denier» they count particulars that a video of probe points the tinker at the small screen display «Family Guy as a vehicle to crush America as well as fluster her bobtail from worthy goings on in the woods. No stab is made to dissect my premiss. Instead, the litt of the article, Brad Greenberg, cuts any possible test of the facts suddenly by denouncing me as just another »Holocaust Denier" the likes of David Irving.

Even if my beliefs about the so-called Elimination are based on fairy tales and lies; even if I, and Irving are just quacks, why is it that Elimination Refutation is punishable by incarceration in so many countries. As admitted by the Jewish controlled in their entrance on the under the control of b dependent on, «Holocaust refutation is explicitly or implicitly proscribed in 13 countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Israel, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, and Switzerland.»

Again, if Elimination refutation is as halfwit as a grown man believing in Santa Clause, why is it so dangerous? Dont we have a right to believe or disbelieve whatever we wish? Superficially, not in Israel, France, Germany and ten other countries. Furthermore, what breed of sickening craven would denigration someone and not allow them to question major a defense? While people may still be of the principles that Hitler was some breed of demonic fiendishness, should only his opponents be allowed to speak? Does it peril our country or any other if we buzz off the Holocaust? Indeed it does! If people began to profit that the Elimination never happened, they would enter on to challenge whether or not Jews are honest as well as their set forth to being "Gods Chosen People. Succour for Israel would then be unsuccessful dramatically alongside immunity for the Jewish monopoly on small screen, Hollywood, publishing, banking and the Internet (among other bodies).

We should also discuss, that even if some of my beliefs are so outside the duchy of normalcy that Im some breed of a loon, does that invalidate the statements made in my enquiry of One's Nearest Guy? If I say Ive seen flying pigs with my own eyes and then express that the sky is smutty, should we diminish the latter?

Of course, youll be zealous pressed to see if my views on «Family Guy» hide up to scrutinty since its been banned all over the Internet."

— John Alan Martinson II///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

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