Babu (1971) Tamil- Xvid 2cd - Eng Subs - Sivaji, Sowcar Janaki [DDR]


Babu (1971) Tamil- Xvid 2cd — Eng Subs — Sivaji, Sowcar Janaki [DDR]
Babu is a 1971 Indian Tamil take, directed by A. C. Trilogchander.

The take stars Sivaji Ganesan, Vijayasree, Sowkar Janaki and Vennira Aadai Nirmala in usher roles.

The take had lyrical accompaniment by M. S. Viswanathan.

The take was a remake of Malayalam take Odayil Ninnu, which itself was based on Malayalam author Kesavadev's novel of the same name.


Sivaji Ganesan


Sowkar Janaki

Vennira Aadai Nirmala


Primary Sundarrajan

K. Balaji


V. K. Ramasamy

Sridevi as Ammu


M. R. R. Vasu
Directed by A. C. Trilogchander

Written by P. Kesavadev, A. L. Narayanan (dialogues)

Music by M. S. Viswanathan

Playback Singers:- TM.Soundararajan, P. Sushila, LR Eswari, SP Bala, Seergazhi, Krishnan

Runtime 2:49:01
Songs are included in MP3s

Babu (1971) Tamil 00. Legend Music and Camouflage Credits, Viswanathan

Babu (1971) Tamil 01. Varadhappa Varadhappa, TM.Soundararajan, Viswanathan

Babu (1971) Tamil 02. Adhi Mudhalae, Seergazhi, Krishnan, Eswari, Viswanathan

Babu (1971) Tamil 03. Itho Enthan Deivam, TM.Soundararajan, Viswanathan

Babu (1971) Tamil 04. Antha Kaalaththil, LR.Eswari, Viswanathan

Babu (1971) Tamil 05. Enna Solla Enna Solla, LR.Eswari, SP Bala, Viswanathan

Babu (1971) Tamil 06. Itho Enthan Deivam, Soundarajan, Sushila, Viswanathan
SUMMARY:- Babu (1971) Tamil

Babu is a prepubescent man who works as a rickshaw puller and he has fallen in passion with Kammo.His only literal compatriot is Shambu Nath.One day he helps Shankerlal and his kinsfolk and in amends Shankerlal invites him to his house.Instantly the whole kinsfolk including Shankerlal«s partner and Pinky both off to profusion passion on Babu. Babu having led a hooligan boyhood feels very in seventh heaven and feels thankful to Shankerlal on having provided him chow,clothes and more importantly trait given to him. Meanwhile a goon in the village rapes Kammo and Babu kills him and thereby lands in lock up. After his untie he finds Pinky begging in the streets and then he gets shocked as to how a sonorous chick has been calculated to beg. Then he realises that now Pinky»s mummy is a widow. His exclusive aim now becomes to help this widow and her stripling. He gives up his in the flesh subsistence, drives a present-exhausted rickshaw, saves some flush, so that he can buy provisions for them, as well as send the stripling, Pinky, to a pure first. Pinky then grows up and later starts disliking Babu.The of the recital is how Pinky realises her muddle-headedness later on, how Pinky's mummy feels owing to Babu for having helped them in amends for one nights profusion of fondness on Babu by Shankerlal.


Video Codec: Xvid ISO MPEG — 4

Video Bitrate: 352 kbps

Video Pledge: 640x480

Video Detail Relationship: 1.333:1

Frames Per Second: 29.970

Audio Codec: 0x2000 (Dolby AC3) AC3

Audio Bitrate: 448kb/s CBR 48000 Hz

Audio Streams: 6

Audio Languages: Tamil

RunTime: 2:49:01 mins

Subtitles: English

Ripped by: Trinidad [DDR]

Duration: 169 mins

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