Muqaddar Ka Sikandar(1978)-Hindi-DVDRip-XviD - {GoldieJ}


Skipper: Prakash Mehra

Writers: Vijay Kaul (screenplay)

Kader Khan (discussion)

Laxmikant Sharma (whodunit)

Report Age: 27 October 1978 (India)

Genus: Romance


Amitabh Bachchan... Sikandar

Vikas Anand... Inspector raided for smuggled goods

Rakhee Gulzar... Kaamna

P. Jairaj... Doctor Kapoor

Goga Kapoor... Goga

Amjad Khan... Dilawar

Kader Khan... Fakir Darvesh Baba

Vinod Khanna... Vishal Anand

Yusuf Khan... Seth. Paul

Manmohan Krishna... Piano Instructor

Kirti Kumar... Raghu — Bar owner

Shreeram Lagoo... Ramanath

Sulochana Latkar... Vishal's mom

Harish Magon... Iqbal

Madhu Malini... Mihru

Moolchand... Man in turban in the court

Keshav Rana... Seth Kundan

Ranjeet... J.D.

Rekha ... Zohrabai

Nirupa Roy... Fatima

Ram P. Sethi... Pyarelal Aware

Pet Shalu ... Uninitiated Kamna

Nandita Thakur... Mrs. Ramanath

Mayur Verma... Uninitiated Sikandar

Muqaddar Ka Sikandar is the second biggest blockbuster of Amitabh to age after Sholay and when you make eyes at look for this motion picture you think that it deserves too.Prakash Mehra was in top manifestation in this motion picture he made some other top movies with Amitabh like Sharaabi,Lawaaris,Zanjeer,Namak Halal,Hera Pheri but Muqaddar Ka Sikandar was his best, in my opinion.

WHODUNIT:-A inefficient orphan boy is kept as a maid by a man named Ramnath in Shimla but the boy is outsed when he delovopes a clubbiness with Ramnath«s daughter Kaamna,Ramnath shifts to Mumbai with Kaamna and the orphan reaches Mumbai searching for Kaamna .In Mumbai the orphan boy is adopted by a Muslim lass named Fatima who names the orphan Sikandar.Fatima works as a maid for Ramnath in Mumbai.On Kaamna»s birthday Sikandar steals a preferred doll of Kaamna from a peach on and as he is secretly placing the doll in Kaamna's live Ramnath catches and falsely accuses him of swiping and beats him up and removes Fatima also from his concern, even Kaamna believes that Sikandar is a flimflam artist. Fatima dies of a verve malign leaving the accountability of her younger daughter Mehroo on Sikandar.After burying Fatima, Sikandar meets Fakir Darvesh Baba(Kader Khan)who advises him to hold misery in lifestyle as it is careful and remains with us forever whereas jubilation in short and hence not accurate and this wouls insinuate him the control of his disaster(Muqaddar Ka Sikandar) which Sikandar decides to follow.

Sikandar(Amitabh) grows up and becomes affluence by giving data of smuggled goods to observe and receiving money awards, as a conclusion smugglers become Sikandar«s the other side. Sikandar has set up his concern and looks after Mehroo,he still loves Kaamna but Kaamna does not.Ramnath is not affluence any more and has become very old.Whenever Sikandar tries to to his sweetheart to Kaamna she refuses as she regards him as a flimflam artist and a betrayer to her kinsfolk.As a conclusion Sikandar starts drinking and visting Zohra Beghum»s(Rekha)Kotha regularly.Once Sikandar is saved by a shell malign planned by his smuggler enemies by a uninitiated apologist Vishal(Vinod Khanna)so Sikandar befriends him and also arranges a also arranges a example for him.Zohra Beghum is falls in sweetheart with Sikandar but a crimnal Dilawar(Amjad Khan)loves Zohra and as soon he escapes from the lock up and goes to Zohra's kotha searching for Sikandar as soon as she finds Sikandar a contend with ensues between them in which Sikandar beats up Dilawar.Dilawar swears to liquidate Sikandar.

Kaamna discovers Sikandar's graciousness to her kinsfolk and goes to thank him. Encouraged, Sikandar tries to declare his sweetheart to Kaamna through a sweetheart spell out. Because Sikandar himself is ignorant, Vishal transcribes the spell out for him, but the arrange backfires when Kaamna mistakes the spell out as actually being from Vishal. Vishal, oblivious that Kaamna is the jail-bait Sikandar loves, falls in sweetheart with her, and the two start off to age. Sikandar, upon erudition this, struggles with his emotions but decides he must cease his sweetheart for the well-being of his clubbiness with Vishal.

Sikandar«s visits to Zora Begum have hampered his position. His sister(Mehroo»s) coupling is in dire straits because of this policy. Vishal then visits Zora and offers to pay her for the idle about of his lifestyle if she would let Sikandar go. Zora, upon erudition the deduce, promises Vishal that she would die before letting Sikandar upon her again. Sikandar arrives at Zora's in the evening and Zora refuses to let him in. Sikandar demands entr, and when Zora is powerless to prohibition him she swallows a diamond and lets Sikandar in, only to die in his arms.

Dilawar in the meanwhile has formed an coalition with Sikandar«s cunning smuggler the other side JD(Ranjeet)and upon erudition of Zora»s liquidation hatches a arrange to cancel out Sikandar and his kinsfolk. Dilawar kindaps Kaamna but Sikandar sees them and follows him. JD and his henchmen carry off Sikandar's sister Mehroo but Vishal follows them and rescues her.

Sikandar rescues Kaamna and sends her domestic while he battles Dilawar. In the irreversible encounter both Dilawar and Sikandar are mortally wounded, and Sikandar tells Dilawar that he never loved Zora. A slipping away Sikandar reaches the combining of Kaamna and Vishal. Just as the combining appearances is completed, Sikandar collapses. His slipping away words inadvertently fete his sweetheart for Kaamna, and Vishal sings him his preferred long explanation «Life is going to disclose you someday...Liquidation is your careful sweetheart as it'll take you along...» Sikandar«s in one piece lifestyle flashes before him and he dies in Vishal»s arms just as the long explanation is completed.

Amitabh was noted as Sikandar which had a mix of his «angry uninitiated man» trope as well as a that of a «doomed lover» make eyes at look for his scenes when he beats up Amjad Khan or when he breaks into a Shayari during «Salaam-E-Ishq» long explanation or his talking before «O Saathi Re» long explanation or the abandon brouhaha he oozes faith in every brouhaha. Vinod Khanna was very benign and economic, Rekha was immense as the the Mujra dancer Zohra who falls in sweetheart with Sikandar, Raakhee was respectable, Amjad Khan was benign as everyday in the villain r,Kader Khan was bonzer as the «fakir», Nirupa Roy is immaculate in her break in on r, Ranjeet fits his r..

The libretto by Vijay Kaul,Kader Khan and Laxmikant Sharma is immense and now we come to the biggest vigour of this motion picture:-

THE MUSIC by Kalyanji-Anandji is just bonzer with woman«s dialect divine songs like »Rote Hue Aate Hain Sab«,»O Saathi Re«,»Wafa Jo Na Ki To«,»Dil To Hai Dil«,»Pyaar Zindagi Hai«,»Salaam E Ishq«,»Zindagi To Bewaafa Hai'.

A motion picture you can't give to bachelorette, because this motion picture is the superlative it has everything exertion, sweetheart affair,comedy especially the excitable quotient of this motion picture is too conclusive, you might desquamate a combine of tears in the abandon brouhaha...

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