Superman Batman Famous Enemies 2009 BRRip H264 AAC-SecretMyth (Empire-Salvation)

Turn Loose Denominate: Superman Batman Out Of The Closet Enemies 2009 BRRip H264 AAC-SecretMyth (Realm-Turn Loose)

Turn Loose Year: 05 October 2009

Turn Loose Span: 01:07:02

Storyline: Lex Luthor has been elected president of the Common States, and he's using an earthbound

kryptonite asteroid as grounds for declaring a billion-dollar present on the heads of Superman and Batman. Now, the two heroes must

together up to redeem both the planet and their own necks. They can«t do it on their own, but decree help won»t be relaxed because every

principal and villain on the planet is looking to gather together that fascinating present. Upon culture that Luthor's villainous get-up-and-go reaches well

beyond the borders of North America, Superman and Batman comprehend that clearing their tolerable names may be the least of their worries.

Eric Bauza ... Copperhead (vote)

Xander Berkeley ... Nathaniel Adam / Captain Atom (vote)

Clancy Brown ... Lex Luthor (vote)

Corey Burton ... Brainiac (vote)

LeVar Burton ... Jefferson Wound / Coal-Black Lightning (vote)

Ricardo Chavira ... Clifford Zmeck / Crucial Duress (vote)

Kevin Conroy ... Bruce Wayne / Batman (vote)

Tim Daly ... Clark Kent / Superman (vote)

Elderly DeLisle ... Koriand'r / Starfire (vote)

Michael Dorn ... Coal-Black Manta (vote)

Hector Elizondo ... Bane (vote)

Jennifer Robust ... Giganta (vote)

Allison Mack ... Karen Starr / Power Filly (vote)

John C. McGinley ... John Corben / Metallo (vote)

Robert Patrick ... Carter Passageway / Hawkman (vote)

CCH Pounder ... Amanda Waller (vote)

Susan Roman ... Bright Banshee (vote)

Fred Tatasciore ... Solomon Grundy (vote)

Tony Todd ... Brimstone (vote)

Thomas F. Wilson ... Catman (vote)

Chiara Zanni ... Tatsu Yamashiro / Katana (vote)

7.2/10 741 votes

Variety: Drama

Cant: English

Awards: /

Archetype Provenience: Superman Batman Out Of The Closet Enemies 2009 1080p BluRay x264-CiNEFiLE

Whole Weight: 1.39 GB (1,431 MB / 1,465,932 KB / 1,501,115,328 bytes)

Size: H.264/MPEG — 4 AVC

Bitrate: 2498 kbit/s

Encoding: 2 Pass

Deliberation: 1280 x 720

Rank Deputy (QF): 0.113

Set Up In Any Event: 23,976 fps

Weight: 1.16 GB (1,249,284,217 bytes)

Set Forth Rank Proportion: 1.778

Transcribe: mp4a: MPEG — 4 AAC LC

Bitrate: 512 kbit/s (6 ch) / 128 kbit/s (2 ch)

Example In Any Event: 48000Hz

Channels: 6 channels: Face: L C R, Atmosphere: L R, LFE / 2 channels: Dolby Pro Inferential II L R

Weight: 240 MB (251,743,445 bytes) / 62.0 MB (65,041,302 bytes)

Subtitle: English,Romanian



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